Great Billy Gilmour play Norwich vs Chelsea


It’s clear that Billy Gilmour could go on to play at the highest level for years, but he needed to get a regular run of games and that was unlikely to happen with Chelsea this year.

It’s likely that his time at Norwich will be mixed as they lose most games and his defensive deficiencies can be highlighted, but he’s mainly there for his work on the ball.

He usually looks like a player who can keep the ball moving all day as he dominates the middle of the pitch, but this was brilliant to watch tonight as he shows his drive to keep moving up the pitch and it’s unfortunate that this doesn’t end up in the back of the net:

It would’ve been easy for Gilmour to just stand and admire the ball into the middle of the pitch after his little flick to begin with, but that desire to get forward and play the killer pass looks very promising for Chelsea when he does return.


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