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Don Cheto

Real Name : Aniceto
Nickname : El Hombre del Vozarron
Born : January 1, 1911
Birth Place : La Sauceda, Michoacan, Mexico

Don Cheto, better known as “El hombre del vozarron”, is a Mexican-American musician born in Michoacan, Mexico, and is host of “El Show de Don Cheto”, a one-hour program term that is broadcast on Channel 62 in Los Angeles, and also in the Lieberman Broadcasting owned stations. The show features a variety of games (like football and guess-the-melody among others), a live band, a little person, and girls dancing in light clothing.

El Show de Don Cheto (Radio)

A radio program was launched in 2005, presented by Don Cheto and co-host Marlene Quinto, which is being delivered in the morning on the national radio station “La Que Buena” and the radio station La Raza 93.7 (Dallas, Texas).

El Show de Don Cheto (TV)

Un show de variedades se puso en marcha en 2007. En la actualidad transmite repeticiones, en el Canal 61 en Houston y Canal 62 en Los Ángeles en “Estrella de TV”.

El Show de Don Cheto (Radio)

A variety show was launched in 2007. Reps now broadcasts on Channel 61 in Houston and Channel 62 in Los Angeles in “Estralla TV”.

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