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Andres Cuervo

Real Name : Andres Cuervo
Nickname : N/A
Born : N/A
Birth Place : Barranquilla, Colombia

With the undeniable look and stance of a fashion model, cutting edge style, and overflowing with charisma, Andrés Cuervo is the latest export from Colombia’s cradle of artistic talents.

On his debut album Tras De Ti, he reached the top position on Mexico’s music charts and earned four Premios Oye nominations. Today, the singer, songwriter, model and exponent of a new philosophy in show business, is preparing to launch Este Soy Yo, his second album, conceived from his belief in moving forward in life in a holistic manner… in an animal manner.

“I don’t have a single memory in my life when I did not want to be a singer,” recalls Andrés. “I never had plan B or C. The only option was to sing. My outlook on life is that if one has a Plan B it is because one does not believe that much in plan A”, he adds.

At 15, Andrés decided the exact moment when he would leave his native country to pursue his goal and three years later, at 18, with his guitar in tow, he moved to Miami. At 20, he signed his first modeling contract and became an entity within very prestigious modeling firms. These contracts also became a jumping board towards the, until then, elusive artistic environment.

After fighting his way in the industry he met producer/composer Rudy Perez. Under Rudy’s expertise and direction he began to prepare for what finally became his first record, Tras De Ti. Months of hard work and heavy promotion accomplished great placements in Puerto Rico and Mexico for his songs Esos Ojos, Tras de Ti (his album title track) and Estoy Aqui.

Four years ago, Andrés began studying Kabbalah and embarked on a personal process that transformed his life on every level. “The Kabbalah reinforced my views that we can accomplish whatever we want to do and become. It is all within us.” says the artist.

It also became the turning point towards a new phase in his professional life, which allowed him, in November 2010, to cross paths with Animal Productions, a management entity/record label that shares his new outlook. In fact, it was his encounter with Animal Productions that changed the course of things and allowed him at last to completely express himself through his work with young avant-garde electro pop producers such as Jose Luis Pagan and Rafael Vergara.

All of this is reflected on his new album, Este Soy Yo.” The songs in the album, including the first single Love Love Love are filled with deep optimism and a subtle touch of spirituality removed from external doctrines; positivism and energy that overflow into every note and every word, a celebration from beginning to end.

Undoubtedly, Andrés Cuervo discovered his own secret to spice up the Plan A that started with a dream that he would not let go of and now he lets out the animal within.

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