What you need to know before buying a grinder

When it comes to grinding marijuana, there are many options out there. You can use your hands, scissors, or a knife. But if you’re looking for the easiest and most efficient way to grind your weed, you need to buy a grinder. Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know before buying a grinder. We’ll cover the different types of grinders available, as well as the benefits of using one. So whether you’re a first-time smoker or an old pro, read on to learn more about grinders!

Why Should You Grind Your Weed Before Smoking It?

Before buying a grinder, it’s essential to know why grinding weed is good for you. There are two main benefits of using a grinder before smoking your weed: You get a more even burn – Every time you spark up a joint or load a bowl, the flame from your lighter will seer off some of the outer leaves that haven’t been ground up yet. Consistently lighting just the exterior of your bud can result in an uneven burn and harsh smoke. A grinder makes sure that all your weed is equally ground so it will burn evenly when you light it up. This results in smoother smokes every time. You get more surface area exposure – The more surface area of your bud that’s exposed, the easier it is for the cannabinoids and terpenes to get into your system. That means more of a kick from each hit! A grinder breaks up all nugs, so their surface area is greater, allowing more of the good stuff to be released when you light up.

  Types of Grinders

When choosing a grinder, there are two main components to consider: The material (usually either metal or plastic), The size (it comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large). Each type has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some examples below:

Metal Grinders

Metal grinders come in two types: Cylindrical and four-piece. Cylindrical metal grinders contain only one compartment that holds the weed, while four-piece metal grinders have an additional middle compartment that catches the ground-up weed.

Cylindrical Metal Grinders


More efficient – The cylindrical design allows for more surface area to be exposed since all of your buds are in contact with the grinder at all times. That means you waste less and get more!

Long-lasting – This type can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.


Can’t see how much herb you have left – Since it looks like a tube, you can’t see inside to know when it’s almost out.

Four-piece Metal Grinders


Easy to use – This type has an added compartment where the ground-up bud falls. That means you don’t have to shake and tap your grinder like some other ones on this list.

Easy to clean – All pieces come apart, making it simple to get every last bit of weed out.


Weed can get stuck in corners – This type doesn’t always break up the bud evenly since it’s coming from two separate compartments instead of one large area. It can be hard to fit a lot in at once – Since all pieces come apart, getting a lot of herb into it can sometimes be challenging.

Plastic Grinders

Similar to metal grinders, plastic grinders also come in cylindrical and four- options. The most significant difference between the two is that instead of metal teeth, the weed falls in the middle and gets chopped up by plastic teeth.

Plastic Grinders Pros: More affordable – This type tends to be less expensive than others on this list since it’s made with cheaper materials. Affordable options are great for someone who might not have a lot of money to spend but still wants a reliable grinder. Cons: Can’t see how much herb you have left – Similar to metal cylindrical grinders, you can’t look inside to see when it’s almost out. No air-tight compartment – Since there isn’t an added piece in this grinder, it doesn’t have an air-tight seal around the ground-up weed as other types do. That means your bud will dry out quicker if you don’t have a separate jar to keep it in.

Choosing the right Grinder for your Needs

When choosing the best grinder for your needs, there are a few things you should consider:

How often do I smoke? – If you’re an infrequent smoker, then you probably won’t need anything too fancy or complicated that would be suited towards heavy smokers. If this is the case, then go with one of the cheaper options on this list, like plastic or wood.

What kind of grind consistency do I want? – Do you prefer excellent powdery grinds that resemble flour or slightly coarser ones like salt and pepper? There are three different teeth types (coarse, medium, fine) that will affect the consistency of your grind.

Do you plan on grinding up other things than just weed? – If so, then metal might not be the best option since it’s much harder to clean after you’ve ground up something else. However, there are several other features you should consider when choosing between plastic and metal:

Cutting ability – Metal grinders have sharp teeth that can cut through rigid materials like wood or bone, while plastic ones cannot.

Bowl Size – You can pack in a lot more in one go with metal than plastic since it has an added compartment for catching the ground bud.

Size – While cylindrical grinder tends to be similar in size, four-piece ones vary drastically depending on how many pieces it has.

Like any new appliance or machine out on the market, there is a learning curve that comes with using a grinder for the first time. The biggest mistake you can make is putting too much pressure on the lid during use, resulting in less of your bud making it into the compartment.

Cleaning Your Grinder

Because every type of grinder has a different way to open it, there are various ways to clean it. While you should always use the method that feels most comfortable for you, these are the most common:

Metal – When your grinder is made of metal, it’s best to use toothpaste and a small brush or bristled sponge. Just make sure the toothpaste doesn’t have any exfoliating beads in it since they can be harmful to your grinder.

Plastic – You can use dish soap or whatever you usually use to wash dishes to clean their inside.

Most people prefer metal over plastic because it’s easier to clean, lasts longer, and is more durable. On the other hand, plastic is more affordable and lighter to carry but can scratch easily and produce a burnt taste after being used for so long.

Convenience – Unlike having to break up your bud with your hands, grinders are much easier, making it much less time-consuming.


So, if you’re in the market for a grinder, whether it’s your first time buying one or you’re just looking to upgrade, we hope this article has helped you make the best decision for your needs. Remember to consider what type of grind you want, how often you’ll be using the grinder, and what material it’s made from before making your purchase. And most importantly, enjoy grinding up that herb!

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