BarxBuddy Collapsible Dog Bowl

Travel Review: I Take The BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl Everywhere

You have to know that my dog hates drinking from a bottle. He absolutely hates it, which can be an inconvenience because I love to take my dog everywhere, for example, when I go on hikes.

For a while, I struggled with carrying his bowl everywhere I went, which became an inconvenience because of the bowl’s weight and the space it takes up in my bag. All of that changed when I stumbled on the Silicone Dog Bowl on the BarxBuddy website, and now, I take the BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl everywhere.

Silicone dog bowls are a relatively new addition to the pet section, but they’re a fantastic option, particularly if you’re short on room. This is because many silicone dog bowls collapse when not in use. Silicone is incredibly heat resistant, easy to clean, non-staining, and won’t hold odors.

BarxBuddy is a US-based firm that creates innovative dog and pet products. The BarxBuddy dog training gadget, an ultrasonic barking device, is their flagship product. It is a company created by three committed dog owners looking to train their dogs at home without the money and danger that many other training methods entail.

Their physical headquarters are in Mesa, Arizona, but their online store. Amongst other products that they have produced, the Silicone Dog Bowl is essentially my favorite for these reasons:

It is collapsable

This collapsible silicone portable pet bowl can be rolled up and tucked into your bag. Another awesome feature is that It has two bowls that allow you to use it for both food and water, or you might decide to double up on water for long periods for larger dogs.

It is lightweight and travel-friendly

This is another amazing feature because no one wants to go around carrying a heavy dog bowl, which is inconvenient and unnecessary. You also can’t always guarantee that you will have access to a dog bowl wherever you are going. The silicone bowl weighs just over 10 oz.

It makes access to hydration easier for my dog

Do you know, every day, your dog needs around an ounce of fluid per pound of body weight. You must keep your dog hydrated whether you’re out and about, whether you’re walking and playing for exercise, camping, trekking, or traveling (they need water just like humans do).

Easy to Clean

The material the bowl is made of makes it easy to clean. It comes in different colors and can easily be washed in a dishwasher.

One thing I can say about this brand is that they produce quality products. The brand is confident in its products and provides a 30-day guarantee.

Therefore, If you are not totally satisfied with their product they will refund your money within 30 days. You simply need to return the item(s) for a complete refund or replacement, less shipping, and handling.

Check out their website for more information about the various products in their store.

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