The Source |Matthew Siegal’s Releases Newest Hit “Lost”


Matthew Siegal’s amazing new song “Energy” has shattered all expectations. His song, “Energy”, was released only weeks ago and is already breaking streaming records via Spotify, Apple Music, Spotify, and other music platforms. His fans are stunned. It becomes clear when you listen to the song.

Miami being his stomping ground, Matthew captures the listener’s attention with his music. Listen to one of Matthew’s songs and you will know that he is a musician you need to be on the lookout for. His music will light up the music scene for many years to come.

“Lost” is a song that aims to quell your loneliness by allowing you to get lost in the music. This song will help you relax and let your worries go. Sometimes, the only relief that you need is to let the music take control. The song “Lost” captures this emotion accurately.

If you’re looking for a track that can change things up for you, then you need not look further. Matthew’s EP “Timeless” contains three songs: ”Energy”, “Lost” and “IDRK”. Each song has seen a steady rise of popularity, as evident by the amount of time they are being streamed. Rumor Records has done an amazing job in mastering and producing the songs.

Listen to “Lost” below.


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