The Source |FEELSOUL Is Back With Brand New Single “For What it is (Blessings)”


FEELSOULJ. was his stage name. Ransom has an eclectic sound which is incredibly diverse and dynamic. Ransom is much more than a rapper. He’s also a poet, producer and designer with an appreciation for creativity and artistic expression on a larger scale. The artist is constantly on the go, seeking new ideas. His most recent works show that he is a continuous journey to self-discovery as well as self-expression, both as an artist and as a human being. 

His most recent output, “Blessings for What It is“, feels like a great taste of what comes out of FEELSOUL’s creativity, and it is an amazing example of what this talented artist can accomplish. The story that drives this song is quite unique as well, as it highlights the artist’s personal and unbreakable connection with his songwriting. This masterful approach to lyrics is what makes his music stand out, and as a result, “For What it is (Blessings)” feels like a genuine example of what it means to make great RAP music in this day and age. You should keep this one in your rotation if you love artists like Frank Ocean Juice WrLDAnd Anderson.PaakThese are just a few of the many! 

FEELSOUL is always ready to challenge himself, and “For What it is (Blessings)” is a unique statement that showcases so many different influences smeared across the compositional spectrum to form a vivid and lush picture of an artist with an excellent level of musicianship on tap. They say that creativity can move mountains, and “For What it is (Blessings)” is definitely a good example of how far it can take an artist. This is a great release. It gives FEELSOUL an opportunity to experiment with music and allows him to make music that is both memorable, personal, and expressive. FEELSOUL mastered both artistic and mass appeal. The result is something that will last a lifetime.

 Find out more about FEELSOUL, and listen to “For What it is (Blessings)”, which will come, out on all of the best digital music streaming services.


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