The New Era & Genre Of Hip Hop is Progressive Music


According to a study published by the May issue, the Violence in Song Lyrics can increase aggression-inducing thoughts and emotions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. Vol. 84, No. 5 5). 

The study challenges the ancient Greek “catharsis hypothesis” that claims that expressing aggressive emotion will later decrease aggressive behavior. Instead, researchers from Iowa State University and the Texas Department of Human Services found that aggressive music lyrics increase aggressive thoughts and feelings, which might perpetuate aggressive behavior and have long-term effects, such as influencing listeners’ perceptions of society and contributing to the development of aggressive personalities. 

Each generation is exposed to these negative influences and creates a generation that challenges them.  Artists such as R&B sensation H.E.R., Jasmine Sullivan or even hip-hop artists like Kendrick Lamar are pushing this new direction of lyrical and musical content.  But there is a new talent on the music scene, a college graduate with psychology degrees who is pushing this progressive agenda to the maximum. 

BT The artist also known as the “Street Activist” has created a platform that ignites and challenges change by defining his music genre as “Progressive Music.”   When asked BT explains; “Progressive Music is music that leads and informs along with entertaining.  It’s bringing back the culture of hip hop to its origin.  A time when artist such as Public Enenmy, X Clan, KRS One and the list goes on who spoke about our culture and why we should be proud.  It also harkens back to the days of MCs motivating the crowd.  Where entertainment was for fun and a getaway from the hard times derived from poverty, drug abuse and addiction.  All of which are present in today’s society and increasing to the levels similar to what has been documented in the 80’s.  What happened to music that made you think, ponder and had fun?   I created Progressive music to be the difference that makes a difference and invite other creatives to do the same like so many of us are doing.” 

Whether you are familiar with BT the Artist, or not, his popularity is increasing every day.  His website: is ranked 41,000 by Alexa.  His social media followers are increasing daily. He presently has almost 50K IG followers and his website gets about 2 million hits daily.   BT the Artist, who has 37 thousand links to articles on him from around the globe, is the next best-kept hip hop and urban music secret.  Songs such as “Change,” “Walk with Me,” “Different” or even the basketball anthem “Swish” is igniting his buzz and interest within the music industry executives.  “I am loving how my album is coming along” explains BT. “It has a little something for everyone. I especially can’t wait to drop the song I did with hip hop iconic producer, DR. Period.  That song is straight fire!”  He continues; “they say music is a universal language and soothes the savage beast.  I want you to have fun and imagine what could be.  Change starts from within and if my music can help ignite that mission accomplished.” 

BT the artist, a Boston native is already established with his own clothing line RG Pillar. It was designed by Reid, who is also creative on many different levels.  RG Pillar reminds people to be and look like the pillars of society they are.  In short, Mr. Reid likes to say; “You are what you wear and what you wear reflects you.”  RG Pillar takes the influences in the current market and makes it his own set a standard of excellence in fabric and design that reminds you that you are descendents of Kings and Queens.   

BT has taken New York by storm at Times Square not just once, but twice.  He performed his first performance on July 2021 in Father Duffy’s Square (Red Steps) for a new campaign that is showcasing Americans who believe …I can, You can, We can, as @Ameri_Ican.  Our collective power is ignited by our individual power.  He was invited to perform at UBC TV’s Harlem Week Kid Zone.  He received such a positive reception that he was invited back to perform for the Police Commissioner in NYC.  He then was invited by Ieasha Sekou of Street Corner Resources to perform again in Times Square for Fashion Week 2021 created by James Moore called, The Fashion Experience.  The clothing line was created to promote peace and end gun violence in our communities.   

The “Progressive Music” movement has begun or better said it has been re-ignited.  Include the influx of veteran pioneers reentering the market with songs that are raising the bar of lyrical content while adding the hot topics of social responsibility and accountability to the new undercurrent of progressive change and the marketplace is being primed for change. Compound all of the above with the musical direction of BT the Artist and artists with the same agenda and soon whether the industry embraces it or not all the signs and new generations are singing the tune of the legendary song, “Change is gonna come” and “Progressive Music” is here to stay.  


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