Sunday League referee quits after receiving racist abuse


An amateur referee has quit officiating Sunday League games after he received racial abuse and was spat at. 

Sky Sports The referee was officiating a Yorkshire game when he was threatened, racially abused, and spat at.

The referee asked to be identified using his first name Dwayne. He explained that he had sent a player to the pitch for dissent. However, as the player was leaving the pitch, he made a racist remark at him.

He said: “I asked the manager to get him to go to the dressing room, but I wasn’t getting anywhere and that’s when I decided to blow for full-time.

“Then that’s when the situation got worse. I had players yelling at me.

Dwayne stated that he believed that, if the other team wasn’t there, there would be a video of him being punched.

“It had from zero to 100 in less than two minutes.

“Walking back to the changing room, I had a racist comment aimed towards me. It makes your blood boil.

“The thing that annoyed me the most was that while I was getting changed, I just noticed spit marks on the back of my shirt, which wound me up a lot. What human being spits on people, especially in this day and age now with Covid-19?”

The Chairman of the team whose player allegedly fired the abuse towards Dwayne, Panda FC said they were “appalled” by the accusations and that anyone found guilty of the allegations would not play for the club again.

The FA states that only 0.01% have a racist abuse incident in grassroots matches, although they admit that this is still one too many.

Racist abuse has been very prominent in football for the past few years, highlighted by the act of ‘taking the knee’ to raise awareness of racial injustice.

Furthermore, today it was confirmed by FIFA that Hungary has been ordered to play two matches behind closed doors and have been fined $216,000 for the racist abuse directed towards England during their game on September 2.


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