Summer Walker Responds to Critics over “Ex For a Reason” Single


Summer Walker fans are counting down to the release of her second studio album. Still Over It. Everyone has been trying to get their hands on the pink hard drive, carrying the singer’s 20 track album, literally. Summer Walker’s team has put the infamous hard drive in a class case for fans to get the chance to try and break, whoever “can break the case it’s yours, if you cant then you gotta wait till the album drops,” rules of the box read.

Since the beginning of this year, fans have been anticipating the singer’s album after she dropped photos and videos in the studio with Pharell, Omarion, and SZA indicating that the album was on the way. The work of art will be released November 5th.

While fans are waiting for the album, a few social media critics came through to say that they aren’t liking what they heard so far after the R&B singer dropped a single from the album titled, “Ex for a Reason,” featuring JT.

Many critics compared this song to the last album’s sound, hoping that the singer doesn’t change her tune. Some even went so far as to suggest that London On Da Track, her ex-boyfriend needs to produce this album just like he did last.

“Stop @-ing me, ” Summer responded to the critics. “The first song I wanted to release was called Toxic but we here now. I was not involved in this decision. So let’s just move past it now. We’re here now, so leave me alone.”

Check out the comments made by social media users about the Summer and JT collaboration below.


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