Stomper Cd Cover
Chicano Rap


Real Name : Unknown
Nickname : N/A
Born : N/A
Birth Place : Los Angeles, California, United States

Stomper is an artist that has a very strong fanbase as well as pure talent in its most creative form.

Growing up in the Southeast section of Los Angeles, Stomper has experienced life, both sides, the positive and the negative.

Stomper has adapted to his surroundings and learned how to turn his hardships and obstacles into a positive and expressing the emotions though songs, and it has been successful for him. Stompers fan base has genuinely fell in love with his art of story telling, whether it discuss politics, hardships or hip hop, and he displays it with lyrics that listeners can relate to.

Stomper and Urban Kings Music Group makes perfect sense and is a great combination for both. With the Urban Kings Music Group marketing, promotion and networking plan, Stomper’s reach to the public will result in more fans, thus making him a more well known artist.

With his two Urban Kings releases, “Stomper Presents The New Testament”, which was a compilation of great songs put together by Stomper, to his most recent album “Once Upon A Time In America”, which single “Aztlan Is The Truth” has garnered attention to his fan base as well as many new fans, both have had huge success Internationally and Domestic. Stomper is currently working on the follow up album to Once Upon A Time In America, which is called “Once Upon A Time In America”. Once Upon A Time In America 2 is currently scheduled as a 2012 release through the Urban Kings Music Group

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