SNSG Releases New EP ‘To The Moon’ Featuring Breakout Single “Madness”


The new EP contains his latest songs To the Moon SNSG takes our collective crypto wishes to new heights. To the Moon A new range of 

Pop, Hip Hop, and alternative R&B tracks that includes “Madness,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Anywhere With You,” featuring Acey on the first two singles and Akacia on the third single.

SNSG raps “Shiba Inu to the moon, we’ll be rich real soon” on the song “Madness”. Yes, it’s all been done before, but it is uncommon that it is done with such a catchy melody and a high level of professionalism.

Shiba Inu, the cryptocurrency based on the popular Japanese dog breed, is the subject of the musician’s first hit, “Shiba Inu”, another coin based on everyone’s favorite doge. If you don’t know what “doge” is, go to Google and type it in. Dogecoin is a Meme-inspired cryptocurrency. It was the first Shiba Inu themed cryptocurrency.

This one is a must-see for fans of Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean. It’s likely that you’ll love the song’s lyrics even if you’re not a fan of Hip Hop just for the crypto subject matter. Listen to SNSG’s new EP To the Moon featuring new single “ Madness” after the drop!


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