A Young Anthony Rios
Balada Dominican Republic

Anthony Rios

Real Name : Florian Antonio Jimenez
Nickname : N/A
Born : July 17, 1950
Birth Place : Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic

Antonio Jimenez Florian was born on July 17, 1950, in the place Cañitas, Sabana de la Mar. He playing guitar and singing songs in Hato Mayor and bohemian troubadour in the village.

It was on those tasks where he met Joaquin Maxwell, who invited him to travel to the capital to meet Johnny Ventura. That’s when, retiring Fausto Rey del Combo Show Ventura, nicknamed Kinder and who later became known as Anthony Rios, began to be known by the Dominican public.

They were the first years of the seventies. His first album recorded with the prestigious group took the title of El Sentimental and he immediately became one of the most popular singers in the country.

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