PSG star confirms he wanted to leave in summer


Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain’s superstar, has confirmed that he wants to leave the French outfit in the summer transfer window.

The move to Real Madrid and the subsequent transfer of the 22-year-old was strongly linked to his fate. Spanish club reportedly submitted multiple offersTo sign the player.

PSG insisted that the player would not be leaving during the summer, and they were able to keep him until the end.

Mbappe (via GFFN): “I asked to leave, because from the moment where I did not want to extend, I wanted for the club to receive a transfer fee so that they could bring in a quality replacement. This club has given a lot to me, I have always been happy during the 4 years I was here at IO, and I am still happy. I was able to say it early enough that the club could respond. I wanted everyone out of this stronger. That we all leave hand in glove, to Mae a great deal, and I respected that. I said, if you don’t want me to go I will stay.”

Mbappe will however be a free agent next summer and it seems that the French international transfer will be free at the end.

The former World Cup winner is a great player and has the potential for becoming a superstar. Paris Saint-Germain would be devastated to lose him on a transfer for free, but they are unable to stop him from moving because of his contract situation.

The player spoke out in an interview with RMC SportHe wanted to leave earlier in the summer, so that the club could receive a transfer fee and bring a quality replacement.

Rumours circulated that the player had expressed his desire to transfer too late in a window, and the French outfit didn’t have the time or resources to bring in quality replacements.

Mbappe has addressed the rumours now and said that he informed club members of his decision at July’s end.

It will be interesting to see whether Paris Saint-Germain can convince the forward to sign a contract with them in coming months.

The 22-year-old will have the opportunity to negotiate precontract agreements with foreign clubs in the January transfer window. It remains for the French club to determine how it develops.


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