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Outsourcing in Bogota: Tech & IT Hiring in Colombia


Colombia, which is the capital of Colombia, has been a significant hub for Latin American innovation since the beginning of the 21st century. Bogota hosts many major tech companies while Medellin is the second-largest. has been heralded as a new “Silicon Valley”In the region.  If you are interested in Colombian outsourcing, Bogota can help. quickly find the right people, hire them, and manage their payrollWe will do it on your behalf.

A photo of Bogota, where outsourcing offers a solution to hiring needs in Colombia
Bogota, capital city of Colombia

While Medellin’s profile as an innovation hub is today arguably higher than that of Bogota, the reality is that with a population almost three times larger and producing significantly more graduates in tech-related disciplines, the capital has a great deal to offer in terms of talent and facilities. 

Bogota is a good source for tech talent for those looking to start a business or simply want to find local employees at affordable rates who can contribute to projects based in other countries.

Outsourcing in Bogota can be a great option if you only need a few tech workers or a group for a brief project. These outsourcing services will be offered through a professional employer organisation (PEO), also known as an employer-of-record (EOR). 

You can hire through a PEO in Colombia, those employees are officially contracted by the PEO firm’s locally incorporated entity, but they answer to you and you retain full control over their workloads and schedules. 

This model allows you to hire local talent in Colombia by avoiding the need for a formal hiring process. company formationthe liquidation. 

PEO companies will take over the management of payroll and any other administrations for employees. This reduces the time required and eliminates the need to hire additional staff.

By avoiding the need to go through company formation, you can have staff working for you in only the time it takes to find them — which could be weeks or even just days, depending on the profile you are looking for.

Colombian PEOs can assist in recruitment, making use of their existing network and knowledge about top education institutions.

Colombian Tech Talent: Bogota, Colombia is an important hub.

While Medellin’s innovation sector has received a great deal of press over recent years, Bogota boasts an enormous and growing tech scene, and has a ready supply of skilled workers available. 

The city is well-known as the headquarters for delivery app Rappi — one of Latin America’s most famous unicorns — and also hosts a number of other big names, including online supermarket Merqueo, payment platform PayU, and delivery app RobinFood.

These are only a handful of Bogota’s tech startups that have attracted hundreds of million dollars of funding over the past few years.

A stock photo of someone using a computer representing a tech worker to accompany an article on outsourcing in Bogota and hiring in Colombia.
Bogota boasts a lot of talent in tech.

This year, the city government has been well-known for its support of startups and tech companies. announcing a $2.3 million fundSupport companies that are developing blockchain technology. 

According to Invest in Bogota, a public-private investment promotion body set up by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Bogota City Government, 55% of the country’s digital animation and video game companies are based in the capital, and the city government is prioritizing the IT industry for investment.

It hosts an array of events annually to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. The capital is home to a range of incubators and accelerators including a branch from the Founder Institute, a world-famous startup incubator. 

In the meantime, skilled workers are plentiful in the city. being home to 10 of the top 25 universities in Colombia — including the top two. This area also has some of the most proficient English speakers in the country.

You can outsource tech workers in Bogota to the likes:

  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • Engineers with full stack capabilities
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Artificial intelligence engineers
  • Blockchain developers
  • Software engineers
  • Web developers
  • Database developers

This all adds up and means that Colombia’s capital is an attractive destination for tech-seekers. They can easily be hired by a PEO company offering outsourced services in Bogota.  

This page will provide an overview of Colombia’s cost for hiring employees and allow you compare that to similar countries. Biz Latin Hub Payroll CalculatorIt is calculated based on the expected base salary.

Bogota outsourcing: Benefits of working with a PEO business

There are many benefits to working with a PEO company to outsource tech workers in Bogota, such as:

Quick entryPEO firms allow you to start working in the market immediately after finding the right people. This also allows you to leave the market as soon as the staff has completed their statutory notice periods.

Cost effectiveness:PEO fees are usually per employee and can be costly when you hire in Colombia through an outsourcing agreement. However, this is often less expensive than entity formation and the employment of legal or accounting staff.

Reduction in commitmentYour commitment to hiring via Bogota outsourcing is greatly reduced by the ease of entry and departure. If you are able to work with a PEO offering a wide range of back-office services it can help you if you want to increase your commitment to company formation.

Assistance with legal mattersBogota outsourcing services will be provided by a PEO. This PEO has employment and labor lawyers on their staff. These experts can provide guidance and ongoing support, as well as ensuring compliance with the local laws.

Developped networks When you outsource in Bogota through a PEO, you tap into the firm’s well-developed networks, not only for recruitment, but also within the wider business community, which can be extremely useful to you later down the line.

Biz Latin Hub is an outsourcing company in Bogota that can also help with Colombian hiring

Biz Latin Hub is a trusted partner in the hiring of Colombian workers and outsourcing to Bogota.

We offer a wide range of support services for companies. hiring & PEOAs well as other similar products, accounting & taxation company formation legal servicesAnd visa processingThis means that we can tailor a package of back office services to fit every need and can also assist outsource clients who wish to strengthen their commitment to the marketplace.

Our teams are also present in 15 additional markets in Latin America and Caribbean. They specialize in operations and market entry in multiple jurisdictions.

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