The Original Menudo
Latin Pop Puerto Rico


Menudo is a musical group originally Puerto Rican children, created in 1977 by producer Edgardo Diaz, where they were only known in Puerto Rico.

Menudo was founded by producer Edgardo Diaz in the late 70’s. After his success in handling youth group “La Pandilla”(from 1973-1976), Diaz returned to Puerto Rico to form a new group. Unlike “La Pandilla”, his idea was to form a group of teenagers whose members rotate as they grew, with the intention of maintaining the adolescent group. One member would be replaced if he reaches 16 years of age, if his my voice change, if he grew facial hair or if he became too tall.

The first group includes two pairs of brothers, Ricky Melendez, Carlos Melendez and Oscar Melendez, cousins Díaz, and Fernando and Nefty Sallaberry. The group’s name came after an incident during their second trial, when Diaz’s sister entered the house where they were, and bewildered to find five young boys dancing and singing in the garage, cried aloud: “¡Qué mucho Menudo hay aquí!” The phrase stuck and the group was called Menudo.

In the coming years Menudo toured Puerto Rico performing at shopping malls, festivities (in the city an annual event), and other events. In 1977, they released their first album, Ghosts. The title track was a success for the group and might even get a TV show on Telemundo canal 2 every Saturday night. Thereafter followed a second album called Laura.

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