Mayra Veronica Having Fun At The Beach
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Mayra Veronica

Real Name : Mayra Veronica Aruca Rodriguez
Nickname : Miss USO
Born : August 20, 1983
Birth Place : Havana, Havana, Cuba

Mayra Veronica was born in Havana Cuba to Arturo Aruca and Mayra Rodriguez. At a very early age Mayra showed a liking for the arts by following her father around to rehearsals and performances which allowed her at the age of five to steal the show.

Her father was a well known singer to the top Cuban Rock Band of the times “Los Dada”

Due to Political Issues, her mother was forced to migrate to the states bringing little Mayra along. The two handled the ordeal.

Mayra left behind her role model father, grandparents and sister and was to adapt to a new language and culture in Miami Florida. It wasn’t long before her father gave it all up to reunite with Mayra and her mother in the States, and the three endured the typical hardships that immigrants face when entering a new country.

Mayra Veronica Having Fun At The Beach
Mayra Veronica having fun at the beach

Aside from the financial troubles the family faced, at the age of seven Mayra begged her parents to place her in Ballet School. They weren’t able to financially do so, So Mayra convinced the local Ballet School to let her go for free if she managed to recruit seven other paying girls. And so she began ballet lessons and made student of the year for five consecutive years between the ages of ten and fifteen. Throughout this time her father played at nightclubs where she would frequently watch him perform and sang along at home while he rehearsed.

Her parents wished her to have a full education and were worried about just the arts. Mayra’s body also took a turn developing her into a very voluptuous young lady and ending her aspirations of dancing ballet professionally. At the age of seventeen Mayra finished High School, stopped Ballet and joined Florida International University where she would later graduate from with a psychology degree and minor in Business. While at FIU Mayra took an interest in Acting and began seriously pursuing it by taking many acting courses and re ventured into ballet. Mayra always wanted to be well prepared before actually launching out to opportunities.

While at FIU she did countless plays and dreamed about studying in New York City. She did so by moving there and facing the hardships and opportunities encountered in the Big Apple. While in NYC Mayra never lost track of her dream of being a well rounded entertainer.

Throughout this whole time her work spoke for itself and even though she had vast amounts of it under her belt she became more of a household name through the Spanish network “Univision” where she worked as a model. Her professional Biography on this site speaks of her work, this one of her dreams. She lives by the motto of “enjoy the journey, not the destination” appreciates souls over façades although she understands the need for both.

While she’s very much a girly girl also believing that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and rubbing shoulders with high society, she manages to stay grounded. She is ambitious and tough. Always knowing and believing “The Universe guides my way towards utter success in all I do”

Mayra loves Dancing, Reading Philosophy, Creating cool outfits she can sport, and going to the beach.

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