Mayra Veronica

Real Name :Mayra Veronica Aruca RodriguezNickname :Miss USOBorn :August 20, 1983Birth Place :Havana, Havana, CubaMayra Veronica was born in Havana Cuba to Arturo Aruca and Mayra Rodriguez. At a very early age Mayra showed a liking for the arts by following her father around to rehearsals and performances which allowed her at the age of five to steal the show.Her father was a well known singer to the top Cuban Rock Band of the times “Los Dada”Due to Political Issues, her mother was forced to migrate to the states bringing little Mayra along. The two handled the ordeal. Mayra left behind her role model father, grandparents and sister and was to adapt to a new language and culture in Miami Florida. It wasn’t long before h

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