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Legal Services in Mexico: Find a Corporate Legal Firm


A photo of Mexico City, where a legal firm providing corporate legal services in Mexico is likely to be based.
Mexico City is the capital.

A Mexican law firm should have an excellent track record in working with investors. They will also be familiar with the administrative challenges that can arise when operating in Mexico.

A traditional corporate law firm can assist with visa processing and company formation, but if you need other back-office services such as accounting, or tax preparation, you may be better served by a specialist. tax filing in MexicoYou may decide that a larger firm offers better legal services.

You will only need to deal with one local partner if you have a provider who offers services such as accounting and tax advisory.

Learn more about Mexico’s potential investment market. Also, find out what support your Mexican law firm should offer. Get tips and advice on finding the right provider.

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Mexico is a popular destination to invest in Latin America

Mexico is the 2nd-largest country in Latin America, after Brazil. attracted more than $29 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows. 

Although GDP has experienced fluctuations, with a large hit from the COVID-19 pandemics, overall it has maintained a positive trend. increasing nearly three-fold between 1995 and 2000.This period also saw prosperity rise, with the gross national income (GNI). almost doubling during the same period.

Mexico, according to the World Bank’s recent predictions, will grow rapidly. would witness annual GDP growth5.7% before the 2021 end.

Mexico has a reputation for being an important hub for commerce in the Americas. High-volume ports serve the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. more than $1.7 billion in goods crosses its borderDaily contact with the United States. You will need legal assistance in Mexico if you plan to move import/export.

Mexico has a number of FTAs that provide preferential access for Mexican companies to major markets. This includes the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which was in force in 2020.

Mexico, along with Chile, Colombia, Peru, is also a founding Member of the Pacific Alliance. Recent developments in the economic integration effort, which has been around for ten years, have made it a ten-year old initiative. inaugurated Singapore as an associate member in what appears to be the Alliance´s first step in a long anticipated expansion beyond the Western Hemisphere.

Mexico’s services sector generates more than 60% of GDPThe country has a large pool of talented professionals in all disciplines and IT-related sectors, making it an outsourcing hotspot.

The country also has a highly developed manufacturing sector, accounting for more than 30% of GDP, with computers, medical equipment, and automobiles among the country’s most important exports.

Additional export products include vegetables and fruits, as well as agricultural products.

Your Mexican legal representative should be able to explain the specific laws applicable to your industry, whether you are involved in agriculture or manufacturing.

A Biz Latin Hub infographic providing a snapshot of the market in Mexico, where you will need to find a good legal firm to provide corporate legal services
The Mexican market as a whole

These are the services that your Mexican law firm can provide:

Connect with local people:If your provider of legal services has been operating on the Mexican market for a while, they will likely have established networks within the legal community in Mexico. This could potentially be of value to you.

Making decisions: Mexico’s law firms will offer invaluable guidance regarding key decisions like the structure of your company or which suppliers and partners to use.

Intellectual property: Mexico’s law firms will know how to safeguard intellectual property, so they will protect your products and brand from being stolen.

Risk management:Mexico has a great corporate law firm that will make sure you comply with local laws. You can feel safe knowing that you won’t be subject to unexpected penalties and that your legal issues will be addressed.

These are some things you should consider when looking for a Mexican lawyer.  

Good language skills:If you cannot communicate in Spanish in Mexico, it is important to seek out bilingual providers. Although most attorneys can communicate with you in English, the country has the lowest level of English proficiency. according to a recent study

Client feedback from the past: An excellent Mexican law firm will have received feedback from their past clients via the internet in the form online reviews. These reviews should provide a clear indication about the quality and reliability of their services.

The technological know-howIf you are not based in Mexico or plan to be absent from Mexico for a long time you’ll want to locate a service provider who is comfortable using an online platform that allows you monitor and manage their work.

Expert knowledgeSome economic sectors or activities have specific legal codes. This is the case for mining and international trading. A provider with knowledge of the legislation is essential if you are going to be involved in any one of these sectors.

At Biz Latin Hub, we provide tailored packages of integrated back-office services based on a portfolio that includes accounting & taxation, company formationCorporate legal supportYou can also apply for visas. 

Our teams are present in 16 Latin American and Caribbean markets. We specialize in market entry in multiple jurisdictions.

As part of our comprehensive support package, we will offer all the Mexican legal services you require. This makes it easier than working with individual accounting firms, recruitment agencies, or legal firms.

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