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4 Back Office Services in Brazil to Outsource


Brazil outsourcing of back-office services can streamline your operation and allow you to concentrate on the more profitable aspects of your company. 

Sao Paulo in Brazil, featured image for back office services article
Sao Paulo in Brazil

The back office service covers a broad range of tasks within the company. This includes legal, accounting, recruiting, administration, and other aspects.

Are you looking for register a company in BrazilOutsourcing some functions of your back office will enable you to reduce the number of people in your team, and transfer responsibility for complex or time-consuming parts of your business.

If you are interested in outsourcing a variety of Brazilian back-office services, a company that provides a wide range of support options may be your best option. This will allow you to have all your requirements met under one agreement.

Here are some key factors that make Brazil a promising investment market. Additionally, 4 Brazilian back office services are perfect for outsourcing.

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Brazil a prime investment destination

Known as “The Giant of South America” due to its extensive size, in 2020 Brazil registered a gross domestic productGDP of $1.44 Trillion (all numbers in USD).

Although it was an increase in the number of people affected by COVID-19, this still made Brazil the country with the highest economic growth.

Although gross national income (GNI) — a key indicator of prosperity — similarly declined, it was still registered at $7,850 per capita, placing the country as an upper-middle income nation by standards established by the World Bank.

Brazil, home to more than 220 million people, is sixth in world population. It also has a large supply of skilled workers that can be used by businesses.

It also includes a significant middle class. Professional services are concentrated in the larger cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, which will be home to the vast majority of Brazilian back office service providers.

You will have to find a Brazilian provider for back-office services if you don’t speak Portuguese. They can communicate in English, or in any language that you know. falls in the mid-range of English proficiencyIn the area

All South American countries, other than Chile and Ecuador share a border that connects them to Brazil. Brazil is one of the current four member states. the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) — a 30-year-old economic integration initiative that also includes Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and to which Bolivia’s formal accession is pending. 

Brazil is a major producer of primary and agricultural materials. This includes coffee, soy beans, timber, meat and other animal products. Brazil also holds significant oil reserves.

This country has been a popular choice for foreign investment. In 2020, the country received foreign direct investment (FDI). standing at $69.2 billion — the fourth-highest inflow registered globally. 

A snapshot of the market in Brazil, where you may want to outsource back office services
Here’s a snapshot of Brazil’s market

Four back-office services available in Brazil for outsourcing

1. Positioning and Recruitment

Finding the right staff for your business can prove difficult in a new market. However, if you partner with an Brazilian back-office service provider that offers hiring and recruitment services you have access to the established networks and information about the market. A provider of back office services that specializes in recruiting will generally offer these types of services. professional employer organization (PEO) services in BrazilThis means that your local entity will have the ability to hire employees on your behalf, saving you from having to form a company.

2. Incorporation of company

Anybody entering the market with no PEO must go through this process company formation in BrazilYou can also create any type of entity. A provider of Brazilian back office services can help you speed up the process. Their knowledge of all aspects of Brazil’s administrative system will reduce time and ensure that the procedure is completed on schedule.

3. Services in legal matters

You want to find high-quality products corporate legal counsel in BrazilAnother important back-office service you can outsource is the help of your provider. They will assist you with all the complexities of Brazilian law and offer valuable advice throughout the establishment and operation of your business. These services can cover things like deciding on what entity type to create and with which local partners, as well as ongoing guidance on legislative developments that may affect you business.

4. Accounting and Taxation

Handing over responsibility for accounting and taxation to a third-party provider eliminates a major administrative burden and compliance issue — given that your provider of back-office services in Brazil will guarantee compliance as part of the services agreement. With Brazil’s taxation system known for its complexity and subject to regular change, outsourcing accounting and taxation can help significantly streamline core in-house operations.

Biz Latin Hub provides back office services for Brazil

Biz Latin Hub’s multilingual corporate support team is ready to offer you a customized package of back office services in Brazil that suits your company needs.

The following services are part of our portfolio accounting & taxation company formation hiring & PEO legal servicesPlease see the following: visa processingThese are just a few of the many services we offer. Additionally, we have representatives in 15 markets throughout Latin America and Caribbean. Our specialty is multi-jurisdictional market entry.

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