Interview with JJ Finesser

1. What is your why?

JJ Finesser’s Music is my service to the World. I know JJ Finesser’s music reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure & the resting heart rate, encourages synchronicity between the brain hemispheres, which increases intuition, creativity, & insight. That’s my why. The knowingness that whoever listens to JJ Finesser’s Music will feel good & have a positive healing experience is why I serve. Music is the key to accessing the benefit of the unified field, & that’s why JJ Finesser’s music is always created & aimed to be the most valuable in the marketplace for the listeners, especially for the youth. Health is Wealth. JJ Finesser’s music is a meditative experience. I’m blessed with God-Given talent to create music that heals all that listen. That’s why God created me. 


“When your attitude is right the facts don’t count. Training Balance Scale.” The Why is the most important.

2. What is your favorite music video you’ve produced, and why?

My favorite music video that I’ve created thus far is Perfect Match. When I was homeless from October 2018 – December 2018, the only thing that kept me motivated to persevere was the inspiration of the woman Perfect Match is about. I would ask myself when I was homeless, “What am I living for?” I was in survival mode for those three months in 2018 finding my purpose.

I remember being parked on a cliff in San Diego while it was pouring rain. The raindrops were falling, I was hungry, tired, depressed, & then by the Grace of God, I had the cognition & realization that I had to become the best version of myself & succeed so that I could earn the companionship of the woman Perfect Match is about. That’s why Perfect Match is my favorite music video. It expresses my appreciation for the inspiration because her inspiration kept me alive in 2018, which leads to the next question. 

3. What’s the most difficult thing you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

I was homeless from October 2018 – December 2018. I was living out of my car at that time and it was a challenge. It was tough. 

The moment I took 100% responsibility for putting myself in that situation of homelessness, was the moment everything changed. I created that experience of being homeless, which meant that I could change it & create a new reality for myself. And I did. That’s why I’m so thankful for that experience of being homeless in 2018.  It was during that experience where I planted the seeds of greatness for myself. It helped me clarify what I didn’t want. So I turned my back to what I didn’t want & sharpened my focus by clarifying what I do want. That experience in 2018 was the contrast that I needed to only focus intensely on what I do want in Life. It was a blessing. 

4. Who is your favorite artist, and why?

My favorite artist is JJ Finesser. I truly love & enjoy listening to my own music. 

When I smoke a cigar & listen to my music, I use it as a time to garden, meditate, & think. My focus is in the present moment, expressing gratitude, & looking for one more thing in my Life I can be grateful for everyday. I believe in the compound interest of gratitude.

A perfect example is when I listen to the song JJ Finesser – Great-Grandparents. I lived with my Great-Grandparents growing up & they’ve had a powerful influence in shaping my perspective about Life. My Great-Grandfather, who passed in 2019, was a WWII Veteran, Bataan Death March Survivor, POW. In one of my meditations, it dawned upon me that if my Great-Grandfather didn’t survive WWII & The Bataan Death March, I wouldn’t even exist. And in listening to my Great-Grandfather’s stories & reading autobiographies about the hellacious nature of The Bataan Death March, 65 Miles no food, no water, it reminds me that in a time of war, matters of men become insignificant & trivial. The lesson from my Great-Grandfather’s mentorship, that is integrated into my Being, is the Attitude of Gratitude.

There are so many of our ancestors that had to exist so that we can exist. We each had to have 2 Parents, 4 Grandparents, 8 Great-Grandparents, so on & so forth. I find that fascinating & humbling. It accentuates how beautiful it is that we exist right now in the 21st Century. The temperament of society can always be found in the quality of the Music & Arts. ” If you wish to understand the psychological & spiritual temper of any historical period, you can do no better than to look long & searchingly at its art.” – Rollo May

When those in future generations study history, they’ll look at the Music & Arts of the 21st Century. What they’ll see is that 21 Century Artist JJ Finesser created Music & Art that uplifted that era. And then they’ll take a listen. Because “In art, man takes delight in himself as perfection.” – Nietzche

5. How can people learn more about you?

Visit my website jjfinesserfranchise.biz.

All of my music, music videos, magazine features, & publications are all listed on my website. 

You can find JJ FInesser’s Music wherever you listen to music. Apple MusicSpotifyTidal, etc.

All off my music is available to Purchase & Stream

My music videos are all on YouTube, channel name JJFinesserVEVO

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