6 Creative Ways to Make Attending a Concert a Fun Experience

6 Creative Ways to Make Attending a Concert a Fun Experience

Concerts can be memorable events, but there are ways to make the experience better. Without proper planning, an otherwise fun event may not turn out exactly as you envisioned. These 6 things are recommended by regular concert-goers to ensure you get the most out of each concert experience.

1- Comfort is Key

It makes sense that you may want to find the perfect concert-going outfit to fit the aesthetic. However, you aren’t going to enjoy a full night on your feet if you’re wearing shoes that hurt your feet. When you’re picking your outfit, find something that you’ll be comfortable in for the long haul because you’ll likely be partying late into the night.

2- Drink Plenty of Water

Drinks at a concert are known for being expensive. This includes water. When you spend an evening screaming until you have no voice the next day, dehydration isn’t a great thing to throw into the mix. A collapsible reusable water bottle can save the day here. It takes up almost no space and allows you to refill at any refill station or water fountain without having to spend your hard-earned funds on water.

3- Smoke a Cigar

Smoking cigars can be a relaxing activity to partake in between acts. There are usually 30 minutes to an hour between each performing artist. A cigar can make that time feel like almost nothing. Just make sure to check the venue’s policy before lighting up.

4- Prepare for the Venue

An indoor venue is more likely to have everything you need for the experience, while an outdoor amphitheater may require a little more planning. Do you just want to sit on the grass or stand all night? Lawn chairs are allowed at some venues, but they can also be bulky to carry around. Decide if they’re worth it or consider a blanket that will increase comfort and be less to carry. Bug spray and rain ponchos can also help to keep the experience top-notch.

5- Wear Ear Protection

This may seem counter-intuitive, but concerts can be seriously loud. They can leave your ears ringing into the next day. Hearing protection will still allow you to hear the music just fine but will provide more comfort following the event and prevent damage to your hearing.

6- Prepay for Everything

If you prepay for the experience you want, you can often save time and money while at the concert. Prepaying for drinks, parking, VIP experiences, seat upgrades, and merch is usually cheaper and easier. There are often bundles offered because many concertgoers are looking for the same experience as you. You may be able to purchase a drink package, cheaper or closer parking, meet and greets, and more. Merch can also be bought directly from the artists through their websites which means that you’re no longer carrying around all of the expensive merch you’d be buying anyway. The artists usually get higher profits like this too. Prepaying also allows you to carry less cash at a concert.

Concerts can be great events if you prepare for the experience that you want. A little planning goes a long way to turn a good experience into a perfect night.

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