Icewear Vezzo Drops ‘Rich Off Pints 2’ Feat. Moneybagg Yo, Future, Babyface Ray & More


Icewear Vezzo shows Detroit on his back. His latest project. Rich Off Pints 2 debuted in the top 5 of Apple Music’s album charts upon its release.

The Detroit native recently released the follow up to the prequel, released back in May. Rich Off Pints 2 is a reintroduction for the long-time rapper. Future, Moneybagg Yo and Babyface Ray are among the many guests he calls upon to help him tell a cohesive story.

On records like “Get Bacc,” he flexes about his work ethic and how his price continues to increase with each release. He says that $50K is his price. It is safe to say that his wages have risen in line with the new project’s reception.

Vezzo is also quick to give credit where it’s due. He salutes Lil Yachty and thanks him for collaborating with Detroit artists to make their music more accessible to a wider audience.

Back in April, Yachty dropped Michigan Boy Boat, which featured Detroit artists like Tee Grizzley (Sada Baby), Babyface Ray, Veeze, and Icewear himself. Louie Ray, RMC Mike, and many others were also featured in Michigan. Shoutout to Boat, who brought together Detroit and Atlanta. Yachty is always welcome in the city, according to Icewear Vezzo.

The “Up the Sco” rapper says he continues to seek knowledge and learn from any and everyone. Snoop Dogg was his first meeting. He asked as many questions as possible, especially regarding longevity.

Icewear Vezzo can attest that he has made steady progress since dropping his first song as Young Vez.

The rapper formally known as Young Vez, didn’t give himself his current moniker. Instead, he was given it by his fans and supporters.

The Detroit king is now advancing his career in many ways. His ventures include real-estate, his film company, and many more. Vezzo is passionate about acting and wants to create more opportunities for actors.

Fans can expect to see more visuals. Rich Off Pints 2.


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