4EY Music Group’s Lil Leek Drops Official Video For “Wax On Wax Off”


4EY Music Group‘s emerging artist Lil Leek is an artist who embodies the relaxed, yet unwavering mindset of someone from his hometown of Washington, D.C. Lil Leek’s determination combines his fun-loving persona and love of music that allows him to produce tracks that have a sense of purpose. Lyrics are his way of expressing emotion and feeling through music.

Lil Leeks is a well-respected performer and viral star with a strong studio work ethic. Lil Leek is poised to become one of hip-hop’s most famous shining artists of his generation.

No doubt that just as he’ll have everyone singing “Gotta Keep It Trill, Wax On, Wax Off.”, this is just the beginning for Lil Leek. Check out the official video for “Wax On Wax Off” below.


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