How to Create a Fun Playlist for When Doing Car Maintenence

How to Create a Fun Playlist for When Doing Car Maintenence

The most mundane tasks could be made a million times better with the right playlist to help you get through it. An excellent example of this is doing basic car maintenance. That being said, trying to find the right music to make car maintenance a little easier can be a challenge in and of itself. If you’re trying to jam out when you’re working on your car, here are a few tips on how to create a fun playlist for when you’re doing car maintenance.

Take Inspiration From Others

Creating a playlist from scratch isn’t easy for everyone, which is why it can be helpful to look to others for inspiration so that you have a few ideas you can use to get the ball rolling. For example, next time you pick up motor oil from your local mechanic shop, you can see what the mechanics are listening to while they’re working on someone else’s car. Some other great ideas to help you get some inspiration include seeing what tracks they have on racing games, what music they attach to car videos and other media, and even looking at some playlists that others have curated for themselves.

Make Sure You’re Energized Yet Focused

There’s a vast difference between conducting maintenance on your car and doing a basic chore like sweeping the house. In the case of the latter, getting distracted won’t matter much. But if you’re too distracted when you’re working on your car, you can easily end up doing something that could mess up your vehicle or even put your health and safety at risk. When you’re creating a playlist, make sure that it’s filled with songs that get you pumped but won’t take you away from the work that you’re doing.

Make It Long Enough for Your Maintenance Sessions

There’s nothing worse than working on your car, only for your fun playlist to run out long before you’re done doing what you set out to do. This is why it’s important to extend the run time of your playlist for at least a few hours if not longer. You can pad the time by adding classic rock songs with long guitar solos or, if you’re someone who’s into house music, looking for electronic tracks that go on for at least ten minutes. It’s much better to not get to every track on your playlist than to hear only a few songs and have to sit in silence until you’re able to get to your phone and replay the playlist again.

Doing car maintenance is engaging, but listening to music while you do it can make the time pass by faster and help you get through some of the maintenance that you might not be so interested in doing. If you’ve been looking to create the perfect playlist for this type of task but don’t know how or where to get started, use the tips above to find the right music for whatever car maintenance you might have in mind.

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