A Young Bobby Pulido
Latin Pop Tejano

Bobby Pulido

Real Name : Roberto Pulido Jr. Nickname : N/A Born : N/A Birth Place : N/A Pulido’s father, Roberto Pulido Sr., is an accomplished singer. Bobby often attended his father’s concerts as a child. His sister is fellow singer Alma Pulido. His cousin is Allison Pulido. Bobby attended Edinburg High School and was a drum […]



Isa TKM is a Venezuelan musical group created in the 2008 and based in the soap opera Isa TKM. Is integrated by Maria Gabriela de Faría, Reinaldo Zavarce, Milena Torres, Micaela Castelloti and Willy Martin. Their first CD was launched in the 2009 and is called Isa TKM: La Fiesta va a Empezar (the party […]

Arley Perez

Arley Perez

Real Name : Arley Perez Nickname : El Rayo de Sinaloa Born : N/A Birth Place : Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico If anyone was born to write corridos, Arley was one of them. At age 11, he wrote his first song, a corrido. Over the past four years we have seen Arley grow as a songwriter […]

Close Up Of Marco Antonio Solis

Marco Antonio Solis

Real Name : Marco Antonio Solis Sosa Nickname : El Buki Born : December 29, 1959 Birth Place : Ario de Rosales, Michoacan, Mexico Marco Antonio Solis is a Mexican composer and record producer. Solís started his career at the age of 6 years as one half of Los Hermanitos Solís, with cousin Joel Solís. […]

Arcangel La Maravilla
Dominican Republic


Real Name : Austin Santos Nickname : La Maravilla Born : December 23, 1986 Birth Place : New York City, New York, United States Austin Santos (born December 23, 1986), better known by his stage name Arcangel, is a Dominican singer-songwriter, . He was born in New York and moved to Puerto Rico some years […]

Alejandro Sanz With A Smirk

Alejandro Sanz

Real Name : Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro Nickname : N/A Born : December 18, 1968 Birth Place : Madrid, Madrid, Spain Alejandro Sanz (Madrid, 1968) wisely unites modernity and tradition, but adding his very particular requirements, since the spirit of flamenco acts like a thermometer reading his states of mind, and helping him manipulate whimsically –a […]

Noel Torres Looking Cute

Noel Torres

Real Name : Noel Torres Nickname : La Nueva Ley del Corrido Born : N/A Birth Place : Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico Despite his youth, Noel Torres is a young entrepreneur with a fighting spirit and perseverance, qualities that surely lead to a prominent place in the Regional Mexican music scene. Originally from Rancho El Varejonal […]

Saul Viera Posing For Camera

Saul Viera

Real Name : Saul Viera Nickname : El Gavilancillo Born : February 17, 1978 Birth Place : ? Saul Viera was born in southern California to Mexican parents who hailed from Tierra Generosa, Nayarit. His career as a vocalist is a product of happenstance as much as artistic will and vision. One evening, Viera went […]

Mazizo Musical Band Members

Mazizo Musical

Mazizo Musical, is a duranguense band coming out of Chicago, USA, the group colors a wide range of dance beats as the pasito duranguense, cumbias and polkas to please dance lovers. Mazizo Musical was created and recorded in the cradle of the Durango, Chicago, Il, decreased production of Jesus Duarte, director and founder of Mazizo […]

The Handsome Aaron Diaz

Aaron Diaz

Real Name : Aaron Diaz Spencer Nickname : N/A Born : March 7, 1982 Birth Place : Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico Aaron Diaz Spencer, born March 7, 1982 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. His father is Mexican and his mother is from the United States. While still very young, he moved with his family to San […]