Araz’s Single “Pressure” Marks Him as the Bad Boy of R&B


ARAZ is honestly a breath of fresh air with his story telling style R&B and melodic raps where bars are still very evident. He has a raw edge that is missing in most artists these days but can still deliver what may be considered pop as displayed in his newest single “PRESSURE”.

His previous single, “PEACE”, is based on his own experiences being in prison and dealing with a relationship while incarcerated. After serving 3 years in Virginia’s Dept of Corrections on marijuana charges, ARAZ was released in 2017 and has been on an undeniable rise ever since.  Hard to miss with tattoos from head to toe , he is proving to be the “Bad Boy” of POP and R&B we didn’t know we needed. ARAZ has over 5 million streams across all platforms. Tiffany Kumar noticed him and signed a deal in 2019 with Pulse Music Group.

“I have a story to tell, I feel like my purpose is to be an inspiration to others. Nobody’s perfect and I want to show people you can hit rock bottom, get up, dust it off , and climb all the way to the top…I will show them that.”

ARAZ is currently working on his debut EP SiNNERS, which will drop this year. 

Listen to “Pressure” below.


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