60-year-old vice president of Suriname Ronnie Brunswijk takes the pitch for CONCACAF fixture


The football television series Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ is taking over by storm, but if anyone wants to create another football show, the plot took place in CONCACAF.

The CONCACAF League fixture between Inter Moengotapoe (C.D.) brought to life what can only be described a comedy series. Olimpia.

Ronnie Brunswijk, the 60-year-old vice president of Suriname, also serves as the team president of Inter, decided to take the pitch Tuesday night, playing 54 minutes before being substituted out.

This situation isn’t the first time Brunswijk takes the pitch as he previously played for the club, but the fixture against Olimpia marked his return from retirement.

Brunswijk would see his squad lose 6-0, and there are no further details as to how he performed, but a broadcaster during the game stated that the fixture can now be 11 versus 11, so that might be an indicator of how the former rebel leader’s night went.


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