The Source |A Boogie Wit da Hoodie Links With Stunna Gambino for “Demons” Remix


Stunna Gambino taps A Boogie With Da Hoodie to remix the latest track.

Stunna received co-signs by Rihanna, The Kid Laroi and Rowdy rebel.

Washington Heights native David H. Gained momentum in his hometown for the first time. With each release, that reach is growing.

“I knew I was big (in my area), but I didn’t know that (my music) could get to people as big as Rihanna,” says Stunna.

“I thought my music was just a hood thing, but now I know that it’s getting to be global.”

His latest album with A Boogie is no exception. It makes you want to pause and reflect.

Both melodic rappers shine equally as they talk about their journey from the past to the present. While the road wasn’t easy, they continued to fight their “Demons” to remain consistent with their goal.

“I don’t put expectations on myself. I just do me and let my progress speak for myself,” says Stunna.

Stunna attributes his maturity and hustle to the OGs who raised him. They stressed the importance of humility as well as hard work.

“N*ggas don’t know how to shut the f**k up and play the back seat bro,” Stunna exclaimed. “They don’t know how to sit there and just be a student.”

Stunna Gambino is a student of the game. This is how he has been able to position himself for greater success. In addition to his monumental co-signs, he was recently featured on The Kid LAORI’s latest album, F*CK LOVE 3+: OVER YOU. The two collaborated on “Not Sober” with Polo G.

The “Demons” remix comes as he gears up to release his 4th studio album, A Boogie vs. Artist for A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

Future collaborations between the two NYC artists are more likely with their seamless chemistry on the track.

Check out Stunna Gambino & A Boogie’s “Demon” Remix here.


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