3 Successful Tips for Planning a Concert in Your Local Park

3 Successful Tips for Planning a Concert in Your Local Park

Outdoor concerts provide your community with an opportunity for everyone to enjoy some local music as they get to know each other better. As the planner of an outdoor concert, you also get the chance to create an experience that everyone can enjoy. From picking out family-friendly entertainment to setting up a festive atmosphere, you can use these strategies to make sure that everything is in place for a perfect event.

1- Plan for Sanitation and Hygiene

Many local parks have community restrooms and other amenities that make it possible to keep the space clean. But, these features might not be enough to accommodate the needs of a larger crowd than the number of people who visit the park on a normal day. Consider planning to add a few portable restrooms to the area, if you anticipate a large crowd that might not be able to run home or to a nearby venue to manage their needs. You may also need to place some extra trash receptacles throughout the park to give people an easy place to throw away any empty food containers and other types of waste without littering.

2- Make Sure There’s Adequate Seating

At an outdoor concert, some people might bring blankets and foldable chairs for their comfort. However, you can also be certain that there will be large amounts of guests that won’t come prepared. Take a moment to explore a few outdoor furniture options that can give everyone a comfortable place to rest as they enjoy the music. For instance, aluminum bleachers make it possible to fit more people in one area, which is helpful in smaller parks. This type of sitting can also be used after the concert is over to for people who enjoy sports events at the park. Or, you might opt to scatter some stackable Adirondack chairs throughout the event space to give the concert a relaxed vibe.

3- Set Up a Defined Stage Area

Every band deserves a stage, and creating a designated area for one does more than just showcase your town’s top talent. A stage area also contains all of the electronic equipment that the band needs to put on their show. Marking off an area that is only accessible to event staff helps to remind guests to stay away from cords and expensive equipment. After you’ve set up the stage area, you might also opt to create a defined dance floor in front of the performance platform that also gives people a place to move freely without worrying about stepping on any fingers or toes.

Once you’ve planned for every possible need in your community, you’ll be able to enjoy watching as your plans influence everyone’s good time. As you enjoy the outdoor concert, make sure to take note of which parts of your plan work best along with what you might want to change next time. Whether you opt to add a few new benches with the next concert’s budget or choose a different type of band, making a few changes helps each new event you plan to get even better.

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