Why It is Important to Have a Secure Wi-Fi Network?

Inarguably, technology has become a pertinent part of daily life, be it at home, office, or anywhere else. But it is also true that we have become over-reliant on technology, putting ourselves at risk of being maligned. 

Therefore, it is primly important to ensure we secure every facet of our digital presence and prevent any possible scams that end up causing irreversible troubles. Internet security is thus, the primary matter that every internet user must look into. 

You might have heard that it is important to choose a secure network, but did you pay any attention to that? If not, here you need to learn more about why sharing information on a safe network has become indispensable. 

Hackers are Eveready to Access Your Data

Your computer is host to all private and sensitive data that you would never want anyone to access. But, unfortunately, if you connect it to an insecure internet, you stand a chance of being attacked by a hacker who will use server information to snoop into your confidential files and messages. 

There are many tricks that hackers use to harm a user. They blackmail you into releasing private information and ask for ransom in return. They may also access recent financial transactions, credit card passwords, online banking credentials, and other transaction information to make you fall prey to cyber fraud. 

When you are subjected to cybercrime, your friends circle and family will also be at risk of getting scammed. The cybercriminals send nefarious messages from your account, which are obviously assumed to be sent by you, to make others stumble into the web of scams. 

This is the prime reason why you should ensure that the internet connection that you use to share information is always secured. But the million-dollar question is how do you know if a Wi-Fi connection is secure or not?

Firstly, when it comes to choosing an Internet for your home or office, make sure you choose a reliable and well-reputed Internet service provider, which has a proven track record for providing safe and reliable internet services. 

For example, you may choose Optimum. A leading ISP in the States, which is trusted by many. Besides, the internet packages are highly enticing. If you are Hispanic, you may contact Optimum servicio al cliente español to learn more.  

Secondly, when connecting to a Wi-Fi, make sure you check if it is a public or private network. Note that private networks are safe, whereas public networks are highly unsafe. 

Public networks are free and are used by just anyone, there are chances that a scammer or cybercriminal is using the same network. In this way, it is easier for him to oversee what other users are doing, and thus, may obtain information from their activities on the internet. This will make a user susceptible to losing data and being scammed. 

What Makes a Wi-Fi Unsecure?

There are multitude of reasons that make Wife connections unprotected but we will discuss some of the common practices that make a connection prone to cybercrimes. 

  • Default Username and Password

Every router comes with a default username and password, for example, admin123, etc. These are quite predictable and the hacker can use them to access your server information. Thus, keeping them unchanged will make you incur challenges. Therefore, it is important to ensure the username and password are unique and never related to the default options.

  • Weak Password

Weak and predictable passwords are the most common causes of unsecured Wi-Fi. Avoid setting passwords that are related to your name, date of birth, or anything that anyone can get right in a fluke. 

  • The firewall Option is not enabled

Firewall is the first line of defense against all cybercrimes. Avoiding enabling it on your router can shed a layer of security. 

  • Wireless Security Settings are Outdated

It is always important to ensure that the security settings of a network are up to the industry standards (WPA/WPA 2).

Bottom Line

Almost all of us have internet-connected devices. These devices might be used by cybercriminals to steal data, replicate identity, compromise financial data, or silently monitor their activities on the network. In sum, hackers can get your data through an unsecured network. Therefore, it is crucial to only use a secure internet connection for all activities you do online. 

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