The Source |How Dante Tweaks Emerged as the Boss from the Street with his New Genre “TrapRock”


The music industry is flooded with talented musicians from all corners of the globe. The music industry has seen a number of emerging trends over the past few years, with artists from different cultures bringing their unique style and creativity to the forefront. Unfortunately, many of these trending songs faded away as they became more mainstream. The rockstar or rapper is here. Dante Tweaks has stepped in to bridge the gap with his new genre, “TrapRock.” The artist believes that his new sound will present a fresh wave of electrifying contemporary music to the audience that they haven’t heard before. 

Dante Tweaks is a rapper who grew up in the Bronx, New York. The diverse music culture in the Bronx was what Dante took in, and it is often referred to as the “cradle” of rock and pop. Dante grew up in Bronx and was heavily influenced by the street culture. This is evident in Traprock, his new subgenre. It is innovative and exciting. The music stands out from other cross-genre songs that are available on online music sites. TrapRocl’s founder, Dante feels that the sound has the potential to form several sub-genres in the coming years. It is interesting to learn about his inspiration for creating the new genre. 

It begins with Dante moving from the Bronx to Connecticut at a young age. Dante is passionate about music and has tried his best to break into the industry, carving a niche. Dante noticed that there was a problem in Connecticut’s music industry. There was plenty of talent in the area, but there wasn’t a place to foster it. He single-handedly spearheaded a team to build a record label and state-of-the-art studio in CT.  His independent Howell Records is reaching new heights, and his studio is presently the only recording studio in Connecticut endorsed by Hot 93.7, the hip hop radio station. 

TrapRock is the result of Dante’s effort in fearless experimentation with genres and endless hours of hard work at the studio. To ensure this new sound reaches the audience beyond his community, Dante has launched his debut TrapRock single titled “Off the Bat.” For an artist who earns more than 2,000 streams every month on Spotify, it was only a matter of time before he found an audience for his new track. “Off the Bat” is already creating a lot of buzz across digital music platforms, earning loads of positive feedback from music enthusiasts across the country. 

Right now, Dante is excited about the launch of his debut album, TrapRock: Volume 1. Dante is an acclaimed TrapRock star and boss on the streets. The title of the album is accurate. This project is exciting to Dante and he hopes that his audience will be as enthralled by it as ever before. It will be a fascinating journey, especially for someone such as Dante, who worked previously with artists such Young Dirty Bastard, Grafh and Street Gena.

Dante overcame numerous odds to get where he’s at the moment and is eager to go on his long journey. Dante is determined to make his new genre heard by as many people possible. His record label will also be used to scale up to aid budding talent in the music industry.


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