The Source |’First On SoundCloud’ singer Otis Kane Brings Colors to Life on ‘Purple BLUE’


Otis Kane, his latest project was launched in June. Purple BLUEIt is. He shines effortlessly and leads his listeners on an emotional, melodic journey full of love and hope. Kane uses the term “colors” to describe them, thus his album name.

“I’ve always thought of purple and blue as sweet colors,” he says. “They represent love and fun to me, but they also have a bit of edge. When I visualize music, those are the colors that I see the most.”

Kane shows a passionate commitment to each track’s mood, sound and feel. He brings love birds to the dance floor with “Good Love,” while those dancing feet can take a seat to “Angel” and get lost (no pun intended) in a day dream of their lover’s eyes.

“Without you” serves as a well-executed exit to the Purple BLUE journey. This track provides a sweet reminder that all 12 songs before it were authentic. Otis Kane understands that life changes are the only constant, and that changes can be seamless when there’s a loved one to help. He sings:

The world is changing, I am certain
So long as you're with me, I can be amazing

“One thing I’ve learned is how much in common I have with so many people!” Kane reflects.

“All the songs on Purple BLUEthese stories have real meanings, and it makes me happy to be connected with people who share their feelings about the songs or the music. I am even more motivated to start the next project because of this connection

Kane has just performed new songs from the album, his first since Los Angeles’ release.

Keep us posted on the progress of our next projects. Purple BLUE will serves as the heartbeat for Otis Kane’s message of fun and love with an edge.


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