The Source |Cole Sidner Expands His Horizons With The Release Of His New Track “Gate”


Cole Sidner has shown us a completely different side to him with the release of his new track “Gate”. It quickly became a viral hit, ensuring everyone had only one thought. And that person is none other than the creator of “Gate”, Cole Sidner himself.

Cole is a relatively young musician. Cole’s EP release this year was an important statement. A statement that said,” Watch out world, here I come”. And after listening to “Gate” we’re all the more convinced that he will continue to amaze us like this in the future too.

“Gate” shows us a completely different take on music by Cole. We have only seen Cole music that was a particular style. But “Gate” completely shatters that expectation. It is different from Cole’s other works. It’s almost as if it has opened a gate to a place, the likes of which we had never seen.

You can check out Cole Sidner’s music below.


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