Ring Solar Panel: A DIY Installation Guide

If you are yearning to reduce your energy consumption, it might be the right time to consider going solar. Recently, the popularity of solar panels has soared not only because they are a green solution but also due to their price drops and energy saving capabilities. Despite widespread use in industries and homes, markets like offer plenty of autonomous gear such as Ring Solar Panels which require less wiring and easy installation.

Introduction to Ring Solar Panel

A product that deserves recognition among stand-alone solar accessories is the Ring Solar Panel. Designed to be user-friendly, this handy device powers your Ring Stick Up Cam with only a few hours of sunlight daily. By using this panel, you no longer need to worry about frequently changing or charging batteries.

Benefits of Ring Solar Panel

The energy efficiency of this cost-effective solution cannot be overemphasized. It uses renewable energy from sunlight and transforms it into power for attached devices. Moreover, despite being small in size, it does not compromise on performance.

Purchasing Ring Solar Panel

You can purchase a Ring Solar Panel at any legitimate electronics outlet or via online shopping platforms that sell electronics.

What comes with your package?

A new Ring Solar Panel set includes the panel itself, a mounting bracket for setting it up on a wall or roof easily, screws for securing it in place, and a micro USB cable for plugging it into your camera.

Understanding How It Works

This nifty gadget harnesses rays from the sun during daylight hours and converts them into electrical energy for running your security cameras. A battery within the device stores surplus power.

Locating the Best Station

An ideal location for your panel should be one where it can have full sunlight exposure for most parts of the day. The north or south sides of your house, depending on your hemisphere, tend to be good positions.

Installing Ring Solar Panel

Installation requires a few hand tools such as a screwdriver and drill. It takes just under an hour to get it up and operating.

Panel Mount

You need to install the mounting bracket first before attaching the solar panel. Remember to angle it towards the sun for maximum exposure.

Driver Bit Use

Your kit should come with a driver bit to ease securing those screws in place. Do not forget to check whether this tool is compatible with your drill.

Securing Cable Connections

You will find it simpler if you connect the micro USB cable before mounting the solar panel onto its bracket. Make sure to secure these connections properly.

Possibility of Relocation

The panels can be dismantled and relocated if required. This is especially useful if you find that their current location does not provide sufficient sunlight or you intend to move residences.

Maintenance Tips

These panels are virtually maintenance free aside from occasional cleaning due to dirt accumulation which might hinder efficient solar absorption.


In case you encounter issues with your solar panel, Ring offers extensive support through their customer service that can help guide you through possible solutions strategically.

Your Contribution to Eco-friendliness

By utilizing solar energy devices like these, you contribute significantly towards conserving our environment and decreasing carbon emissions. Plus, it helps save on electricity costs.

Unlocking Sustainable Living

Indeed, going solar is a significant move towards sustainable living. Ring Solar Panel fits perfectly into this lifestyle due to its ability to harness energy effectively and provide green power to security devices.

Parting Words

The Ring Solar Panel offers an easy-to-install and efficient solution for powering your home appliance. Its installation could be a good way to dabble with solar energy use in your home before moving onto more substantial systems. So why wait when you can commence your journey towards an eco-friendly, cost-saving lifestyle today?

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