Rek Banga Cements His Place As One To Be Reckoned With After Dropping “City Of Bompton”


Rek Banga, a hip-hop rockstar, is rapidly rising in the music industry. He is distinguished by his distinctive long red hair and raspy voice, which sets him apart among other musicians in the field. This will lead to an entirely new soundscape that others will be able to enjoy.

His latest hit, “City of Bompton” he sets down the main rule of visiting the legendary city of Compton, California: Don’t be an opp and always remain consistent, or the consequences will be unpleasant for the violator.

This record  also pays homage to the classic hip hop album “Nuthin’ But A G Thang” using undertones of the reminiscent production created by iconic producer, Dr Dre. The track features labelmate, Almighty Breskii, who borrows from Snoop Dogg’s 1,2,3,4—lyric opener, but continues with an original flow.

New Jersey native, the New Jersey native keeps setting trends. He thinks and performs outside what other artists do. This sets him on a course of long-term success.


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