Reggie Becton Compliments R&B’s New Renaissance with Debut Album


R&B artist Reggie Becton emerges with the release of his debut album, California.

In October, the PG County, Maryland crooner issued his first studio album. Inspired by the likes of Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Avant, he displays his diverse sound by fusing, funk-rock, gogo, hip-hop/r&b, and 80s’ soul.

He is now on a multi-city tour to follow up, opening for Grace Weber, a friend and Grammy winner.

Becton entertains his audience by performing a variety of songs. California favorites, including “Traffic,” “Rm. 143,” “Monte Carlo” and more. While most have discovered Becton through his popular track, “Listenin,” California shows he has something to offer in the new age of R&B’s renaissance.

While the “Floatin’” singer initially hesitated to play his album for his team, he realized that he should always trust his gut.

“Before the album came out, I didn’t let anyone hear it,” says Becton. “I had this vision of the response I wanted from it and I didn’t get that initially.

A tweet from Missy Elliot titled “Trust your instincts to overcome the criticism hurdle” was credited by him.

“Creating the project taught me a lot about confidence and self-awareness.”

A Temple University graduate, the Temple University alumnus is now a successful musician.

After his first move to Los Angeles, two of his friends and he rented an Airbnb on a monthly basis.

Before the publication of California, Reggie Becton released his EP, ‘Thank You For Listening,’ which included “Listenin.” The song has amassed over 1 Million streamsApple Music more than a million subscribers.

Reggie Becton is on tour with Grace Weber. The 9-city US tour It began in Milwaukee, October of last year and ended in Los Angeles on November 14th.


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