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Palmerola International Airport to Boost Biz in Honduras


The new Palmerola International Airport in central Honduras will be an “investment trigger” for the Central American nation, according to a leading official at the country’s investment promotion agency.

A Biz Latin Hub infographic providing a map of Honduas, where the newly inaugurated Palmerola International Airport should boost business
Map of Honduras, with major cities

This facility was opened in October 2021 and is situated outside Comayagua. It can handle more passengers than Toncontin International Airport, which is 80km away in the capital of Tegucigalpa.

Jacqueline Foglia Sandoval is the executive secretary for The Honduras National Investment Council (NIC)The central location of Comayagua’s new airport, located at the center of Central America, is a benefit to the Comayagua project. 

“It is strategically located in the center of the American continent, giving it a connectivity function (as a logistics hub) for the movement of people and merchandise,” she told local press.  

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Foglia indicated that Palmerola International Airport will dramatically reduce international travel costs, and it will offer opportunities to fly more directly to the key regions and destinations beyond.

Toncontin International Airport has a notoriously short runway, making it one of the hardest to land. There are no regular flights from Toncontin International Airport to other countries. They only fly direct international routes to Houston and Miami. 

Palmerola International Airport has an even larger runway. The airport will offer direct flights to these two US cities, Fort Lauderdale, Mexico City and San Salvador. It also has the potential to expand its services to other destinations.

Foglia indicated that Comayagua had attracted greater investments into the region and would encourage more investors to get involved in diverse sectors such as agroindustry logistics, light manufacturing, logistic, transportation, health and energy.

Foglia says the project is part of a larger scheme that develops a central logistical corridor. This will create 96,000 permanent jobs while it’s being developed, as well as 25,000 more jobs when completed.

The attraction to invest in Honduras is enhanced by the Palmerola International Airport

The new Palmerola International Airport will add to Honduras’ attractiveness as an investment destination at a time when foreign direct investment (FDI) has seen significant growth, having leapt 60% in the first half of 2021.

An image of Comayagua, where the , where the newly inaugurated Palmerola International Airport is located
Comayagua is located in central Honduras

Although Central American countries are not the most sought-after investment destinations in the region of the world, they have enjoyed a lot of success. consistent gross domestic product (GDP) growthIn recent years.

The COVID-19 Pandemic, which caused economic disruption in many countries, was not the case at the World Bank. has predicted that GDP growth would bounce back4,7% will be reached by 2021.

Honduras has many attractive factors that make it appealing to foreign investors. These include a variety of untapped investment possibilities, a growing labor market, improved security, and a youthful and highly competitive workforce.

Those add to considerable logistical advantages associated with both proximity to the United States, as well as the presence of facilities that include Central America’s only deep-water port, in Puerto Cortes.

With the inauguration of the Palmerola International Airport , the country has significantly improved those logistical advantages, which should boost the country’s large agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

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