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New Colombia Law Protects Right to Disconnect from Work


The Senate of Colombia has approved a new law that protects people’s right to disconnect from work by establishing that employees are not obliged to respond to out-of-hours correspondences from their bosses. 

The Senate of Colombia, which recently approved a law protecting the right to disconnect from work
Recent approval by the Senate of Colombia of this law was received

Workers will now be entitled to additional compensation for work they do outside the normal hours of their job.

“This law favors health, family, decongestion from work, a good psychological state,” said Senator Laura Fortich Sánchez, one of the lawmakers who put forward the bill, after it passed an initial readingIn late September

Since then, approved during a plenary session of the SenateOn November 16, legislation only has to undergo formal approval by President Obama to enter into effect.

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Remote and in-person work can be protected by the law that protects your right to unplug from work. Rodrigo Rojas Lara is another legislator who drafted the bill. However, the law will not apply to particular roles. For example, serving personnel in the security force and some medical staff are excluded.

“There are some exceptions that were included in the articles, which are precisely those positions of trust and management and absolute availability in which it will not apply, but companies must advance a policy of disconnection from work so that these workers have their rest times,” Rojas told local media outlet RCN.

Employers can contact employees outside normal hours in cases of an exceptional vital task. The employee will receive compensation for this response.

Is it possible to take a break from your job when there are changes in work patterns?

Just months after Ivan Duque, the Colombian president, signed another law protecting workers’ right to be disconnected from their work place is this new law. reducing the standard working week from 48 hours to 42 hoursThe change will be implemented gradually over four years. 

In two years time, the weekly statutory hours will drop to 47 hours each week. They then fall to 46 hours one year later. In the next year they will fall to the 42-hour standard.

This law allows workers to leave work at any time. Many are also reporting increased remote working as a result of the pandemic. leading to employees working longer hoursUnlike before.

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According to one studyDue to the pandemics, remote work has increased by 2.5 hours daily. It has also contributed to the growing number of people expressing a desire to return to the officeIf not for full-time, then at most, part of the work week.

With many companies saying that they will continue to operate fully or partially remote for the foreseeable future, Colombia’s new law to protect the right to disconnect from work should go some way to help employees better manage the hours they work.

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