Lounger G In Shades
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Lounger G

Real Name : Fernando Leonard Carrillo Nickname : N/A Born : January 30, 1984 Birth Place : Pueblo, Colorardo Lounger G Music Lounger G Bio Rap Artist Lounger G aka Fernando Leonard Carrillo of the “Its The Robber Project” EP Album. He is known for creating EP albums as a throwback to the old 45 […]

Doll E Girl Representing Los Angeles
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Doll-E Girl

Real Name : Patricia Barron Nickname : The Mafiosa Mami Born : March 3, 1977 Birth Place : Los Angeles, California, United States Doll-E Girl was born and raised in the city of Lincoln Heights, California. She has always been a big fan of Low-riders and Low-riding. “If it wasn’t for that, I would have […]

Kid Frost Posing For Pic With Cigar
Chicano Rap

Kid Frost

Real Name : Arturo Molina Jr. Born : May 31, 1964 Birth Place : East Los Angeles, California, United States Arturo Molina Jr. (born May 31, 1964), better known as Frost (Originally Kid Frost), is a Mexican American hip hop artist. Molina was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California and occasionally lived with […]

Close Up Of Ms Krazie
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Ms Krazie

Real Name : America Ochoa Nickname : N/A Born : February 17, 1988 Birth Place : Apatzingan, Michoacan, Mexico I was born and raised in michoacan mexico and then later on brought here to the u.s. with that said, let it be known lol i am full blooded mexican dont let the light eyes, which […]

Lil Rob Looking Hard
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Lil Rob

Real Name : Roberto Flores Nickname : Mr. 1218 Born : September 22, 1975 Birth Place : San Diego, California, United States Roberto Flores, better known by his stage name Lil Rob, is a Chicano rapper and music producer. Roberto Flores was born in September 1975, in San Diego, CA. He is the youngest of […]

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Real Name : Unknown Nickname : Queen of the West Coast Born : N/A Birth Place : Whittier, California, United States The self-proclaimed “Queen of the West Coast” says it’s a good time to be a female in Latin hip hop: “I have a pretty good chance right now to represent, I just got to […]

Mr Shadow Putting It Down For La Raza
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Mr. Shadow

Real Name : Jose Anguiano Nickname : N/A Born : January 1, 1980 Birth Place : N/A Anguiano ( Mr. Shadow ) is a rap artist from San Diego, California. Since 1997’s “Til I Die” Mr. Shadow has provided the streets with an overflow of speaker-smashing bangers. Classics cuts like “Till I Die”, “Take Yo […]

Miss Lady Pinks And Her Nike Cortez
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Miss Lady Pinks

Real Name : ? Nickname : The Queen of Hi Power Born : N/A Birth Place : San Gabriel Valley, California, United States The Queen of Hi Power, West Coast southern Cali Latin / Chicana female rapper Miss Lady Pinks is the only female to be accepted and respected in the gangster male dominant world. […]

Mr Lil One Striking A Pose
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Mr. ‘Lil One

Real Name : Rayes Solis Rodrigues Nickname : Tha Boogieman Himself Born : N/A Birth Place : San Diego, California, United States Lil Uno is one of the Latin rap industry’s premier players. He is truly a prolific and accomplished artist. With over 12 years in the industry and over a dozen albums and projects, […]