Lokolil Continues the Bronx’s Legacy of Launching Legendary Rappers


Lokolil is the definition of taking lemons and making lemonade, only this time the lemons are his street experiences, and the lemonade is music industry success.

Lokolil was born in Bronx NY and has suffered the loss of his family members over the years. Lokolil was able to use the loss to motivate his children. His father died in 2021. To escape the dangers and violence of his life, Lokolil turned to Bronx Drill to recount the stories about how he lived on the brink of death and the struggles he faced.

Lokolil’s voice conveys the sadness of his life with honesty over samples that resonate with his expanding fanbase. Lokolil’s streams reflect the love they hold for his craft with songs like “You Are My High” close to 300,000 views on YouTube. Lokolil’s lyrics are as heavy as a veteran hood rapper, capturing the street hostility over melodic beats. The raw passion captured the attention major industry leaders.

Music has opened new doors leading away from his past and Lokolil isn’t letting the opportunity to provide a better life for his family and mother slip. He is currently negotiating label deals with his manager, building on his rising fame. Lokolil is a charismatic, talented, and genuine performer who can make it big. Stay tuned for his music and follow him as he moves forward.

Check out the video for “You Are My High” below.


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