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Lawyer in Guatemala: Find a Good Corporate Attorney


You will need the support of a reliable corporate lawyer in Guatemala if you are hoping to take advantage of the significant business opportunities on offer in Central America’s largest economy.

A photo of Guatemala City where your corporate lawyer or attorney will likely be based.
Guatemala City, the country’s capital

Guatemalan attorneys will be your representative in Guatemala before local authorities. They will also have the ability to sign and act for you, thereby allowing them considerable control over your company and good standing.

You may be able to hire staff via an online recruitment agency if you plan a small-scale interaction with Guatemala’s market. employer of record in GuatemalaThis is the best alternative. 

An employer of record can hire staff for you, which allows you to keep control and avoid having to establish a local entity. The employer of record would also be responsible for compliance with all local laws.

This is an especially popular choice for small companies who need a few local sales reps or executives in one market or for those looking to hire skilled workers to work on a temporary project.

Below are some thoughts on why Guatemala is a great place to invest. Next, you will find information on how to locate a quality attorney in Guatemala. 

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Guatemala is a great place to invest.

Guatemala’s gross domestic product is (GDP) the biggest economy in Central America. has grown significantly fasterCompared to other sub-region countries over the last decade, the figure of $77.6 trillion in 2020 will be higher (all numbers in USD).

The country’s economic boom has occurred in a period when Guatemala significantly increased the amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) which has been characterized as a significant improvement. more than doubled between 2009 and 2019.

Intensified homicide rates increased significantly in the United States during that decade. almost halving.

Guatemala benefits from having a highly strategic location, dominating Mexico’s southern border and acting as a gateway between the three major economies of North America and the rest of Central America.

Guatemala, which has an area as large as Central America’s landmass, boasts ports that are high-volume on its Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. This allows for easy access to both Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States.

This country is famous for its vast agricultural sector. accounts for almost 10% of GDPIt is a major exporter of sugar, coffee and bananas.

Guatemala has an industrial sector that is well developed, accounting for almost 22% GDP. The garment industry plays a significant role in the country’s export economy.

It also boasts a rapidly-growing tech sectorIt’s expected that they will play an important roleIn post-pandemic recovery economic.

If you are interested in potentially gaining access to these favorable market conditions and want to find a Guatemalan lawyer who can help, it is important that you have a solid corporate lawyer. 

A Biz Latin Hub infogrpahic providing a snapshot of the market in Guatemala, where investors will need to secure the services of a good lawyer / attorney.
Here’s a snapshot of Guatemala’s market

Your lawyer in Guatemala can help you.

The following are some ways that your Guatemala corporate lawyer will assist you.

Guaranteed compliance:A Guatemalan lawyer will ensure that you comply with local laws and regulations. This can help to prevent financial penalties or other legal problems.

Protection of IPYour attorney in Guatemala can help you protect your intellectual property. This is a critical aspect to establishing and protecting your competitive advantage. trademark registrationWe will do it on your behalf.

Decision-making:You can count on your Guatemalan lawyer to offer ongoing support and assist you in making key decisions like choosing the right country. type of companyBased on your requirements, you can establish.

Support for immigration:Guatemalan attorneys will have extensive knowledge of immigration and can assist you. getting a visaYou can do business within the country and for foreign personnel.

Looking for an attorney to represent you in Guatemala?

The following are some things to consider when looking for potential attorneys in Guatemala as corporate lawyers:

  • Reputation: A good reputation for Guatemalan lawyers should be built on past work and a track record of satisfying clients. You can find good indicators of client satisfaction and reputation by looking at online feedback and comments. 
  • Experience: An attorney with Guatemalan experience working with foreign investors is a good choice. They will help you navigate the many pitfalls.
  • Knowledge: Although it might seem obvious, your Guatemalan lawyer should keep up to date with the most recent legislative developments.
  • Specialization: This means that they may need to be experts in the specific sector where you work. Certain economic activities — such as extractive industries or international trade  — are governed by their own set of laws, so you may need an attorney with knowledge of more specialist legal codes.
  • Communications: Unless you speak Spanish —  the official language — you will need a lawyer who speaks English or any other language you understand. Even though most lawyers are fluent in English, communication should be easy with the provider.

Biz Latin Hub works with a Guatemalan attorney

Biz Latin Hub provides customized back-office solutions to help investors and businesses do business in Latin America. Our comprehensive portfolio of professional solutions includes accounting & taxation, company formation, due diligence, hiring & PEOCorporate, and. legal servicesIt is among other things.

We have 16 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and a Guatemalan Corporate Lawyer who is available to assist you.

Trusted partners also extend our coverage into almost all corners of the region. This means that we can assist in multi-jurisdictional market entry and operation.

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