Here Is How Becoming A Nurse Coach Changed My Life

My parents tell me that I have always had an interest in the well-being of other people since I was a kid. Thinking back, my inner nature must be one of the main reasons I decided to become a nurse when I was young.

After hours of intense studies and sleepless nights, I finally qualified as a registered nurse a few years ago. No amount of studying can prepare you for the rigors that come with being a full-time nurse. The long work hours were (and still are) rewarding whenever a patient got better, but, there were dark times when a patient failed to respond positively and quickly to the method of treatment that was being employed which was at most times conventional. This got me thinking, how could I do more for my patients?

It is while discussing this issue with a friend that I first learned of the Transformative Nurse Coach Program by the Nurse Coach Collective. Truth be told, being a nurse coach has transformed my personal life and that of my patients. Choosing this career path was the best decision I have ever made and will likely be yours too. Here is why…

How Being a Nurse Coach Has Benefited Me

Be we proceed, it is important to point out that sometimes, the healing period of a patient can increase if there are external factors not related to the actual ailment that is disturbing a patient. Addressing a patient’s underlying personal issues has been proven to accelerate their healing period dramatically. To be able to help a patient heal quickly, it is necessary for you, the primary caregiver, to take a holistic approach to their healing.

Offering holistic treatment means being actively involved in a patient’s personal life. This means having the skills to form inter-personal relationships with patients with a view of gaining a window into their mental, physical, social, nutritional, and spiritual needs. These are the skills that a nurse coach acquires through the nurse coach program.

The skills that I earned through the program helped to learn how to practice mindfulness. I can honestly say that this opened the door for the rewarding career I enjoy today. It taught me how to live a better lifestyle and how I could transfer the same to my patients.

Being a nurse coach has also helped me learn how to intuitively detect underlying issues in my patients that may be affecting their recovery. I have learned how to explore the unique needs of each patient and tailor a holistic recovery program that is tailored to address their specific needs.

The nurse coach program by the Nurse Coach Collective also opened the path for me to become a Board-Certified Nurse. Their program is accepted by different accreditation bodies such as AHNA and AHNCC. As a certified nurse coach, I was able to start opening my own practice where I could offer care as per the needs of each patient, and not as per the regulations I religiously followed in my other areas of employment. Apart from the satisfaction that I am always offering the best care to my patients, the ability to open my own practice also came with a significant pay rise – a welcome development.

Another great thing about being a nurse coach is the ability to set your own work hours. As an RN employed full-time, your schedule is typically set by your shifts. However, as a nurse coach, you get more freedom to choose your patients and your work hours. The fact that the integrated healing approach used by nurse coaches works means that my patients get better quicker which translates to more free time for me to practice mindfulness.

Since I really personally care about the overall well-being of my patients, being a nurse coach has helped me learn how to better relate to and follow up on my patients even after I release them from my care. There is a huge sense of fulfillment that comes when talking to a former patient who admits that they are doing much better in all aspects of their life because of the care that I gave.

Joining the program also helped me connect with other nurses who are passionate about making integrative care the new normal in the field of nursing. In my interactions, I have been able to gain numerous skills and ideas on how I can better improve my welfare and that of my patients. In our discussions, we continue to share industry developments, our struggles, and our goals. Being part of the nurse coach community has helped me confirm what all nurses know – talking and sharing help heal the soul.

There are innumerable benefits that come with being a nurse coach. You have to experience some of them personally to really understand their impact. If you are looking for a more fulfilling career, I strongly recommend that you get started on being a certified nurse coach. The path to a brighter future for you and those under your care starts with you joining the Transformative Nurse Coach Program by the Nurse Coach Collective.

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