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Employer of Record for Payroll Outsourcing in Costa Rica


For anyone who wants to simplify their operations and outsource payroll management in Costa Rica, this is an excellent option.

A photo overlooking San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, where you may want to contrasct an employer of record to provide payroll outsourcing
Costa Rica’s natural beauty is what makes it so popular.

Traditional is a good option. accounting firm in Costa Rica can be contracted for the job, it will also be offered by an employer of record (EOR) — which will sometimes be known as a professional employer organization (PEO). 

Employer of Record in Costa Rica can hire employees on your behalf through its local entity. This means that while the EOR is officially an employee, you have full control of their work schedules.

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You can hire through an employer of record to save yourself the hassles associated with company creation and dissolution. However, the EOR will also handle employee onboarding/offboarding. 

In addition to ensuring compliance to local legislation, your employer of record may also assist you in recruiting and searching for those employees.

In this setting, outsourcing payroll in Costa Rica is a minor but crucial element of the services offered by an employer of record. It could also be part of a limited service agreement you sign before you expand your human resource support from that provider.

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You can also read the rest of this article to discover more about Central American countries as investment destinations.

Costa Rica is one among the most stable, peaceful nations of Latin America and Caribbean. The country has a reputation for not having a standing army and being dependent on the United States to defend its territory. The United States provides defense, but it is also an important partner. Costa Rica’s primary trade partner 

Central American Country has witnessed significant growth since the early-1980sCosta Rica is one of the wealthiest countries in the region, thanks to its growing gross domestic product (GDP), and gross national incomes (GNI), respectively.

Costa Rica is also available boasts one of the lowest violent crime ratesLatin America also includes some of the highest ratesEnglish proficiency is partly what explains why this country has such an expatriate US population and also why it’s a popular tourist destination.

This is also why the country is so popular with investors. 7.8% of GDP was made up of foreign direct investments (FDI) prior to 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic.

While FDI as a percentage of GDP almost halved during the global health emergency — in keeping with a general economic downturn experienced throughout the region — the World Bank recently predicted that GDP would growIn 2021, 3.8%

In the meantime, however, government has made considerable efforts to bolster FDITaxes can be cut easing residency requirementsAlso, announcing a scheme to attract more remote workersTo the country. 

Foreigners are now in a more attractive investment climate and might want to look for an employer that can provide outsourcing services in Costa Rica.

A snapshot of the market in Costa Rica, where you may benefit from payroll outsourcing or other servicves offered by an employer of record
Costa Rica’s market snapshot

Costa Rican payroll outsourcing: why choose an employer with a record?

If you are working with an employer in record, and you want to get payroll outsourcing in Costa Rica or another package of services, then you have the following advantages:

Guaranteed compliance:The services agreement will ensure compliance by your outsourcing provider in Costa Rica with labor and employment laws.

Their market knowledge and expertise will enable you to trust them, avoid legal penalties, or any other inconveniences, and maintain the company’s reputation with the local authorities.

Cost effectiveness:Costa Rica’s employer of record will charge a nominal fee but it is often less expensive than doing operations in-house. Once you take into account onboarding and offboarding those employees, the cost will be much lower.

Outsourcing offers you the opportunity to rapidly scale up or down your operations and the flexibility to extend the terms of your services agreement, depending on your requirements.

Management:You can reduce administrative work by outsourcing payroll, or other areas of recruitment and Human Resources.

You can also focus your recruitment efforts on those areas which are directly related to profit-generating activities.

Biz Latin Hub is a provider of payroll outsourcing in Costa Rica

Biz Latin Hub has a local team that provides payroll outsourcing services in Costa Rica for employers of record.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes company formation, accounting & taxation, hiring & EOR, visa processing, and legal servicesThis means that we are able to offer customized back-office solutions tailored for every customer.

Additionally, we have representatives in 15 markets throughout Latin America and Caribbean. We specialize in entry into multijurisdictional markets.

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Key services offered by BLH including legal services, accounting & taxation, hiring & PEO, due diligence, tax advisory, and visa processing
Biz Latin Hub provides key services


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