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Ecuador Investment Visa Requirements: Are You Eligible?


You will need to be familiar with Ecuador’s visa requirements if you want to expand your business in Latin America.

A photo of Guayaquil, supporting an artilce on Ecuador investment visa requirements.
Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and principal port

The visa most Ecuadorian investors obtain to travel to the country to do business is known as a temporary residence investor visa.

A visa for Ecuador is granted to anyone who wants to make an investment in Ecuador. This can include buying real estate, productive or commercial activities. An individual investor, legal representatives or an administrator may apply.

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A visa like this is good for two years. It allows the holder to travel as much as they want during the period.

You will require a temporary residence visa if your intention is to move to Ecuador to start a new job or retire there.

Here are details about Ecuador’s investment visa requirements. We also provide insight into why Ecuador is such a desirable destination.

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Ecuador investment visa requirements: eligible investments

Minimum investment requirements are some of the Ecuador visa requirements. You will be required to provide at least one piece of proof to prove your Ecuador investment visa.

  1. An Ecuadorian credit institution that is recognized by Ecuador’s banking authorities will issue a title, policy, or certificate of deposit for a term minimum of 799 days. The minimum amount of $40,000, all figures are in USD.
  1. The deed of owner of property having a minimum of $80,000 in value that’s located in Ecuador. It is recorded in the Property Registry.
  1. An Ecuadorian share in a company with an initial value of at least $10,000
  1. A copy of the Public Deed from an Investment Contract signed with Ecuadorian State. It is now in force.
  1. Copie of delegated management agreement signed with central government entities or autonomous governments. This document is now in force.

Ecuador visa requirements for investment: Other considerations

You will need to show that your business activity has at least met Ecuador’s minimum investment requirements. Additionally, you will have to provide documentation to satisfy Ecuador’s investment visa requirements.

  1. Valid passport
    You should renew your passport when your Ecuador investment visa is valid for two years.
  2. Background checks
    Background checks will be required from both the government agency in which you reside and any country where you may have lived recently. When processing your application, this check must not exceed six months.
  3. Visa fees
    Your investor’s visa will come with a non-refundable administrative charge (approximately $50) as well as a larger fee (around $400) for the visa once it is approved.

Ecuador market enticing destination for investment

Since the beginning of the century Ecuador has experienced significant growth. The only time that gross domestic product (GDP), fell was between 2000-2020, the last year being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bordered by Colombia and Peru — two of the most popular investment destinations in the region — Ecuador is a member of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) alongside its two neighbours and Bolivia. 

While Canada was established more than 50 years agoRecently, it was implementing a series of measures to deepen integration– between member countries that is beneficial for businesses.

A Biz Latin Hub infogrpahic providing a snapshot of the Ecuadorian market, accompanying an article on Ecuador investment visa requirements.
Here’s a snapshot of Ecuador’s market

Since electing business-friendly President Guillermo Lasso in April 2021, Ecuador is also making significant efforts to join the Pacific Alliance — an economic association that includes Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and which recently accepted Singapore as an associate memberAs part of their efforts to grow beyond the region.

Among other aspects that make Ecuador attractive for doing business is the fact that, despite the country’s modest size, in Guayaquil it has one of the biggest ports in Latin America and the Caribbean by container throughput, contributing to the country’s status as a significant hub for trade.

Ecuador’s status as one of the three largest economies in Latin America is a boon for investors based there. dollarized economies in Latin America — offering a greater measure of stability than in other markets.

This country also hosts a number of international organizations. growing tech industryIf you want to capitalize on Ecuador’s investment visa requirements, you must meet the criteria for innovation.

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