Desiree Schlotz’s Drops New Track “Bali”


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Desiree Schlotz, an American Phillipino music genius, has once again shocked her fans with her brand-new song “Bali.” It’s currently trending on the internet, with an increasing number of fans turning in every day. It has set new streaming records on many streaming services.

Desiree Schlotz wants to be the next music superstar after she has attracted the attention of many people across the globe. She has released three songs so far, and all are steadily gaining popularity, which shows her true potential.

Desiree Schlotz ‘s name has gotten a lot of attention thanks to Rumor Records. They have assisted in the production of the song in a way that maintains the artist’s original approach while also reaching out to mass media. They have made the song a success thanks to their involvement.

Listen to “Bali” today by pressing play below.

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