Decluttering Your Home to Stay Organized

Hiring a professional might help.

Most everyone can agree that decluttering and organizing your home is a wonderful thing! Depending on your starting point, looking at the end goal can be quite overwhelming. 

Starting room by room is your best bet if you choose to tackle this project on your own. On the other hand, some might choose to hire the professionals instead by taking a more hands off approach.

Weighing your options. 

There is a time and place for all projects including decluttering your home. If you do choose the DIY route for this, consider everything that is involved. 

  • Trips to the store.
  • Loading and unloading.
  • Extra gas money to pick up supplies.
  • Moving everything around to organize.
  • Separating what will be trash, donations, etc. 
  • Paying for trash removal and other services to pick up old appliances.

Hiring a professional company to come in and handle all this for you does give up some control and empties your wallet a little, but the convenience factor might just be worth it alone. Hiring a team most likely would get the job done faster also. 

Whether you are decluttering for you and your family or decluttering to resell or rent, having a cohesive plan to get everything in order is ideal. That is a big part of what the agencies have to offer. 

They put together a functional and practical list for you to use this time and moving forward. Most companies that offer this service have earned certificates, and spent years perfecting the skill to offer it to customers. 

If cost is a factor, here is a breakdown.

You can expect to pay between $250 and $800 depending on the services you want and need. Most companies charge per hour. Another factor is whether or not you hire someone who is self-employed or an agency. 

You can get a better picture of your potential total spent by laying out what it is you need done and how long it might take. Things to ask include:

  • Will you need extra measurements and installation done?
  • Is this a rush job? 
  • Do you have additional needs like organizing files on a computer?

If you decide you would rather dig through on your own, trash pickup and other pickup services can be costly too. 

Dumping unwanted furniture and other appliances must be taken elsewhere most of the time which is another cost. There are many service options for this step and you can find some information here to compare. This part of the process is most likely included in the total cost if and when you hire a company. 

Home organization can make all the difference. 

For the past few years, home improvement projects including organizing and decluttering have skyrocketed in popularity. From stopping at The Container Store and organizing your kitchen drawers and cabinets to hiring a full agency team to come in and create a plan for you, it’s a project worthwhile. 

If you decide to take this all on as your next DIY project or if you hire the professionals, rest assured the completed job will feel and look refreshed and improved. 

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