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The Andean Community of Nations (CAN) — made up of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru — has announced the launch of a database allowing searches of trademarks and brands registered across the sub-region, with the Andean Community trademark database the latest move to deepen integration. 

A Biz Latin Hub infographic showing the Andean Community, where a new trademakr database increases integration
A map of CAN countries

Known as ‘CAN TMview,’ the database forms part of a European Union-backed scheme to develop more robust intellectual property (IP) protection, known as IP Key Latin America

Currently, trademarks or brands registered in Colombia and Peru can all be found in the Andean Community trademark data base. The database will soon include those in Ecuador, which is in the process of being arranged.

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Jorge Hernando Pedraza from the Andean Community Secretary General said that the scheme is designed to promote regional cohesion, and to bring benefits not only to the four countries involved but also to other stakeholders.

“[CAN TMview] is part of the digital transformation process that we promote from our organization and that will make available to 111 million citizens, intellectual property offices, and the whole world, a unified and free search engine for Andean brands,” Pedraza was quoted as saying.

Pedro Duarte, the project leader for IP Key Latin America promoted the benefits of the Andean Community trademark registry. He highlighted the advantages it would offer small- and mid-sized businesses in Europe that are looking to invest there, as well as the contribution to market integration in CAN.

“The objective is to continue improving the transparency, predictability and accessibility of intellectual property in the countries of the Andean Community, in addition to taking a step forward in the modernization of the practices of the offices in this matter towards a more friendly environment for the user,” Duarte was quoted as saying.

The Andean Community trademark registry is a draw for business

This sub-regional bloc is continuing to integrate by launching the Andean Community trademark registry.

August CAN enacted a freedom of movement statuteThe region offers residents of all members greater mobility opportunities. 

Even before this was passed, the Andean Community was still considered to be the “The” Community. most developed human mobility regimeLocated outside the European Union (EU).

This new statute is the result of years of efforts to improve mobility within the region. It offers significant potential benefits for both citizens and businesses from this sub-region. Greater mobility promises similar benefits to that experienced by workers and companies in the EU.

The Andean Community trademark data further enhances the attractiveness to do business in one of its member nations. There is transparency and cohesion when it comes to protecting IP, which is particularly important for companies doing business within the sub-region.

As the freedom to move statute makes doing business more attractive in more than one state, so does this latest integration effort.

Latest integration effort by Andean Community trademark database

Established in 1969, the Andean Community originally included Chile — prior to its expulsion following a bloody coup and slide into military rule in the 1970s. Venezuela joined the Andean Community in the same decade but left in 2006.

Andean Community Secretary-General Jorge Hernando Pedraza, who said the new trademark database is part of the sub-region's digital transformation
CAN Secretary-General Jorge Hernando Pedraza
(Comunidad Andina / Facebook)

The original goal of the Andean Community was to establish a common market similar in concept to the European project and later to allow free movement.

Following initiatives saw greater freedom of motion introduced, even before the most recent statute was passed.

The new Andean Community trademark registry also echoes an EU effort. CAN TMview is effectively a sub-regional edition of a global IP transparency initiative called simply TMview.

The Andean Community trademark registry is still not fully functional. However, the current lack of trademarks and brands in Bolivia and Ecuador will encourage foreign companies to do their business in the region.

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