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Welcome to BrownPlanet!

This website is now owned and operated by Jemms (UK) Ltd.

The original owner was Luis Wuicho and he was the founder of this site.

Here is what Luis had to say about the site’s origins.

The idea for this site started back in July ’09 in South Central, Los Angeles. I had just got back from a concert and wanted to share the pics and videos I took of the artist which I knew others would want to see. I searched the web but all I found were artists’ sites and blogs which sucked since they only allowed comments.

What I wanted was a place where I could share this with friends and other fans like myself to show true passion for our favorite Latin music artists all in one place.

It then dawned on me… wouldn’t it be dope to create a website where fans of Latin music could discover new artists, contribute and let the fans decide what gets added to the artist’s page? You know, give power back to the fans.

Great idea so far, right? Well not so fast! Before any of this could happen I needed a name for the site that would represent Latin music and somehow add fans into the mix. All the names I came up with were already taken.

Fortunately, my brother Jose had the name which felt perfect for the website I wanted to build. Since he wasn’t doing anything with it, I figured it was going to be easy to convince to hand it over.

After continuously bugging him to hand over the name, we settled on a bet. At the next concert, whoever snuck backstage first and took a picture with the artist would win.

If I won, the name would be mine; otherwise, I would pay his next months car note. Luckily I won, and after a year of work, it was time for fans to share the site and interact with other Latin music fans!

I hope the above gives you a better idea about BrownPlanet and how it came about.

I love Latin music, it’s in my blood! It’s my duty to bring Latin music fans together to share and connect. -Luis

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