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A Trademark Attorney in Ecuador Will Protect Your Biz


A trademark attorney in Ecuador is required if you plan to launch a product in Ecuador or establish a brand. 

A photo of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, a monument marking where the equator stands north of the capital, Quito. You may wish to fnid a trademark attorney in Ecuador.
Ciudad Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador

Because, while trademark registration in EcuadorIt is simple, and your trademark attorney will have an excellent knowledge of the process. He or she will also have a strong track record in trademarking business names or brands in South American markets. This means that you can be confident that the process will be completed in a short time and in compliance to local regulations.

You may want to hire a trademark attorney in Ecuador or a specialist within an existing corporate law firm. 

You may want to register a trademark for Ecuador in order to enter the market or support ongoing business operations. However, a firm that offers a wider range of back-office services, such as accounting, company formation and tax advisory, visa processing, and tax advisory could be your best choice. 

Because it acts as your single point-of-contact for all market needs. All services are covered by a single service contract.

If this sounds like what your looking for, then go ahead and contact us now. Read on to learn more about how your Ecuador trademark attorney can assist you.

Why trademark registration in Ecuador?

Trademarking is one of the cornerstones of intellectual property rights, so trademark registration in Ecuador is a crucial step when seeking to establish your position in the market — both in terms of remaining in good standing with local authorities, as well as as protecting your company or product against imitation. 

Ecuador is not currently a party to the Madrid Protocol — an international system for facilitating the registration of trademarks in multiple jurisdictions around the world — and therefore it is important to register a trademark there.

By overseeing the process, your trademark attorney in Ecuador will be able to help you protect a wide range of things, including a logo, design, product, brand name, or symbol — or a combination of them — among other things.

A snapshot of the market in Ecuador, where a trademark attorney will be able to help you protect your intellectual property
A snapshot of Ecuador’s Market

How to Register a Trademark in Ecuador

The National Intellectual Rights Services oversees trademark registration in Ecuador.SENADI. SENADI has digitalized many aspects the trademark registration process in recent years. Your trademark attorney can now complete many aspects of your application online.

The registration process should take approximately 6 months if you hire a trademark attorney in Ecuador. The process is composed of three steps:

1) Conduct preliminary trademark search

Before you submit your trademark application, make sure that there aren’t any similar trademarks in the market. The SENADI administration will conduct this research. If there are no similar protections or trademarks, you will receive a positive response granting you access to your trademark application. The fee for the search is usually charged. 

2) Complete trademark application process

To begin the trademark application, you will need an account on the SENADI website. Once you have access to the platform, you will need fill out a variety of online forms that provide information about you, your company, as well as the trademark or trademarks that you wish to register. This platform will keep you informed about progress and allow you to pay the required registration fees.

This process will be undertaken in Spanish, so in the event you don’t speak the language, you will want to make sure you secure a bilingual trademark attorney in Ecuador able to properly relay progress.

3) Seek to finalize trademark application

After your application has been evaluated, your trademark will appear in the Intellectual Property Gazette. This does NOT mean your trademark is granted. It gives other businesses the chance to object to the entire application. The trademark will only be granted if there is no valid objection.

Your trademark attorney will be able represent you in the event of an objection.

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