7 Cool Tips for Creating the Perfect Moving Day Playlist

7 Cool Tips for Creating the Perfect Moving Day Playlist

Music is the soundtrack for your life. From big moments to small ones, many of your memories are likely connected to particular tunes. From your prom song to your wedding song and your baby’s favorite lullaby to the songs that get the whole family dancing, music is the sound of your memories. Planning a big move is as significant as all of those other moments in life, so it too should be marked by music. Whether you’re moving nearby or clear across the country, moving day deserves its very own playlist. Check out these tips for ensuring you have the perfect moving day playlist.

1. Consider the Whole Family

Make sure to choose tracks that will appeal to all participants in the moving process. From friends and family who will pop in to lend a helping hand to all the members of your household, make sure your playlist has something for everyone.

2. Keep Your Wireless Speaker Handy

It’s easy to make the mistake of prematurely packing speakers or sound systems. Even once all of your other electronics are packed, hold off on packing your sound systems. When it gets down to the wire, be sure to keep your wireless speakers out of all those moving boxes; it may be the only entertainment you have for a while.

3. Choose Upbeat Sing-Alongs

Packing and moving can be an exhausting and monotonous process. A great way to add a little color to the humdrum of packing up your home is with upbeat tracks that will lift your spirits. Think sing-alongs that you can belt out as your pack or dance beats you can shake your booty to as you work.

4. Relive Special Memories

Packing for a big move is always a nostalgic process. You’ll reminisce over old photos and treasures that have been hidden away for years, you’ll recall the time “that” happened in your home, and you’ll probably shed a tear or two packing up your life. Think of the special songs that have filled the rooms of your home, and include them on your list for some added nostalgia

5. Variety is the Spice of Life

Pepper your playlist with a little bit of everything. From your favorite rock anthems to the much-loved tracks that you can’t help but boogie to, nothing will keep you going like a diverse playlist. Make sure your playlist crosses genres and decades to diversify your listening material.

6. Add Tons of Tracks

Between the hours on end you’ll spend packing and unpacking as well as the distances you’ll travel during your move, you want to be sure that your playlist is loaded with all of your favorite tracks. The more the merrier.

7. Choose Your Platform Wisely

Make sure to use your trusted streaming platform when compiling your playlist. Try to avoid platforms with excessive advertisement interruptions as they will surely ruin your vibe.

By taking time to plan the perfect playlist for moving day, you and your moving crew will be pumped and energetic throughout the moving process.

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